Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday Shorts - Why My Kids Know the Alphabet Backwards

Since it's been kind of a video week here, I figured why not one more?

My favorite fun "underground" band from the late 80's turned kid friendly.
Thanks They Might Be Giants, they love you almost as much as I do.
I am glad my kids get the experience of the Johns.
Particle Man and Exquisite Dead Guy will have to wait till they're a little older..

Have a great Saturday!

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Sarah said...

2 things...

1)Our family absolutely LOVES they might be giants. LOVES THEM I saw!

2) I bought the CD this song is from 7 years ago and we still listen to it and all 4 of my kids love the very end and always sing the "ECDBA... EDC... B... AAAAAAAAAAAAA" like crazy opera singers because we're dorks like that.

You are obviously awesome.
Have you seen/heard the album of SCIENCE songs? It's the coolest/nerdist/awesomest thing EVER! We love the periodic table of elements song! ha ha!