Wednesday, June 15, 2011

20 Second Fitness The Real Story: Week 4 - Day 2

So yesterday, I finally cut the jumprope that came with the 20 Second Fitness Program which is totally adjustable to whatever length you need it to be. I had a feeling that jumping rope was coming as we hadn't seen it since  WEEK ONE WARMUP -  we all just jumped that day because there was only one rope. My daughter also found a jumprope yesterday suddenly unburied from the rubble that may be the closet with the toybox that exploded..

Anyway, here's our skills:

We may have been better off just jumping, it could go either way...

We usually do our workout in the early evening either before or shortly after dinner depending on what else is going on. Last evening we did the first 4 minute set which is followed by the cardio 4 minute set which - I'm telling you, wears even the kids out: I gotta tell them to get off the couch, no lie.  I expected the cardio set to include jumping rope.

Nope, our old pal
Spence surprised us at the end of the heart pumping cardio including my
complete nemesis NOW TOPPING THE DREADMILL absolute favorite

the L   O   N   G  E  S  T 20 Seconds of 20 Second Fitness
THAT NOW - Breathing heavy already and sweating we were in for an extra added bonus set of jumping rope!!  

After cursing his name ** taking a break, we did those extra 3 minutes making this the longest workout to date being 11 minutes total.  By the last 20 second set, I was able to jump the whole 20 seconds without flubbing it all up by tripping all over it.

Now I didn't mean to lie but I told you last week that I would post my measurements and stuff Friday, but I remembered #blogboycottday was Friday then #wineparty happened which resulted in me being absolutely useless on Saturday and so anyway HERE THEY ARE.  No big changes in weight but the inches are reducing and I am back in my jeans!  WOO HOO!

Here is what is included in the 20 Second Fitness Program:
  • 40 Workouts on 6 DVDs
  • Set of Gym quality resistance bands
  • Food Guide to Smarter Eating
  • Wall calendar to track progress and success
  • Adjustable jump rope

If you are interested in purchasing 20 Second Fitness with their 60-day money-back guarantee and hassle free returns, I have a special coupon code for you to use to get FREE SHIPPING in the Continental United States and a $15 discount for orders to Canada and overseas.
20 Second Fitness coupon code: 'coffee lovin mom'.

**We never really curse his name, we just thank him with sarcasm.


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