Thursday, June 2, 2011

10 Things - From Life's Little Instruction Book

Here are 10 little things you already know but it's always good to have a reminder from Life's Little Instruction Book:

  1. Compliment 3 people every day.
  2. Learn to play a musical instrument.
  3. Sing in the shower.
  4. Learn 3 clean jokes.
  5. Take lots of snapshots.
  6. Resist the temptation to buy a boat.
  7. Turn off the TV at dinner time.
  8. When someone is relating an important story that's happened to them, don't try to top them with a story of your won.  Let them have the stage.
  9. Know how to change a tire.
  10. Forget the Joneses!

I keep reminding my husband of number six..although I have a feeling I may eventually lose that effort.

Please keep in mind, knowing how to do something and actually being able to do it, let alone being any good at it are two different things in my world - I know how to bowl too but I can't break 100 most times and it doesn't mean I will ever be good at it..


Mommy Moment said...

Yay Yay Yay for #1 - a girl after my own heart!
That is the whole reason I started #missionbeautiful.


Alison@Mama Wants This said...

I have to learn to do #3. But I only get to do 3 mins in the shower, so maybe a really fast song :)

Terri said...

Hmmmn. Well #1 I do. #2 No way. #3 I do. #4 no way. #5 I do. #6 I have one already and I agree with your husband--boats are awesome. #7I don't, usually. #8 No way. #9 I do!

Did I pass?

Project Life Blog Queen said...

Can't do #9. Cried when I had to do it a couple years ago, lol. Called DH at work and he stayed on the phone and talked me through it. After crying I got in the car with my kids and drove down the road. There was a lot of thumping, pulled over and found out that I hadn't tightened the lug nuts!
Oops, I think I just broke #8. ;)

Jodi Whisenhunt / Magical Mouse Schoolhouse said...

Hi! Following from the weekend hop - congrats on being featured!

~Jodi, where Disney IS school

aprilraechelle* said...

Hello, everyone!! I'm here to hop on the blog hop! :) Hope that I find some awesome followers today :)

Name's April, 23, 2 kids, and a hubby- a dog and a cat. I'm about to start working again for the first time in over 2 years, unpaid, but it's going to be awesome. My life is crazy and chaotic, and so is my blog- hope you enjoy!! :)

twitter: createachange8


MikiHope said...

I too am a Coffee Light and sweet person--
Like those reminders up there-but changing a tire? Never Happen!!
I am a new follower from Lucas' Journey!!

Michele aka MikiHope

Julia in West Des Moines, IA said...

Found you at blog it forward (sweep tight). thanks for this post. i need to work on the three compliments each day.

Yankee Texan said...

Thanks for sharing. We do sometimes forget the basics, don't we? I'm guilty of having that boat dream too, but it'll be a long time before it happens. Found you through the Blog It Forward Hop and looking forward to reading more! Yankee Texan Mom