Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Memories

The following video brought to you by Mother's Day 2008 when my daughter was still in Pre-school.



I LOVE that the songs were all familiar tunes.
I guarantee you I had tears in my eyes when I taped this because it still happens every time I watch it.

This is also the last year I did the Mother's Day Walk for breast cancer held every Mother's Day in Chicago.

I had planned on this becoming a whole family 
Mother's Day Tradition but it, 

of course, 

totally backfired on me.

The first year I actually bring the whole family down to walk with me 
and this happens...

By David 

That's me in my green raincoat..the scene my son describes being seen through his eyes while crying waiting patiently in the wagon (soon becoming a pool) for me to cross Michigan Ave..

I was unprepared for that caliber of big, big rain - remember in Forrest Gump when he's describing the rain falling sideways?  This was seriously some big(ass) rain, it felt like it was coming down in buckets.  It didn't matter what kind of rain gear you had on, you were getting wet. 

I kept joking that we needed to watch out for the cats and dogs but I don't think anyone thought I was funny by that point.

That's some unsmiling rain!

We walked only one mile of the three mile walk.  It was just too much for the kids and DH who had been ready to leave before we even 
got out of Grant Park.

 Needless to say, we were all soaked to the bone that day
(I could come up with a few more clichés but I will spare you) 

Now when I say I was unprepared, it wasn't completely.  I had some extra dry clothes for the kids in the car, only none for me.  I basically had to strip down riding home in only underwear- which I'm sure DH enjoyed immensely - having to put my clothes and drowned, disassembled phone on the heater the whole ride home.  There was a lot of crying that day and probably maybe some yelling even, definitely a day none of us will ever forget...

We talk about that Mother's Day every year - this was my card later that day..

I haven't been able to talk them into doing the walk since...maybe next year I will just sign us up.

I hope you all have a great Mother's Day whatever you do this year!
What's your most unforgettable Mother's Day Memory?

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blueviolet said...

That kind of rainy day memory would definitely be difficult to erase. Wow!!!!

But that drawing was adorable!