Monday, May 30, 2011

Am I Really a GO GO Dancer?

Sometime Saturday night it was suggested by someone I follow on Twitter to Google your twitter handle and see what "funny" things come up...
(I wish I could find the original tweet so I could give proper credit..)

I decided why not and on the first page found myself suprisingly clicking on this lovely link:

The Header Reads simply:

Go-Go Dancers
This makes it look like I am the
tweeting Go-Go Dancer, no?

I won't mention the official site name so nobody gets here by googling that site but it claims to be about go-go dancers! Even though I blocked out the links to also try and avoid those subjects from being here, you can see what they will also notice the sidebar full of Vegas references.  This is a current stream as each time I go back to see if I'm still there, my most recent tweets are coming up.

You'll see I happily doctored the page up a bit because I thought the chick looked a little like a midget with no neck and I can't imagine she would make much money.  I named her No Neck Nina.  In her defense, she probably doesn't even know she's on the site either so I gave her a stache to hide her identity - you can tell she's sad and has barely any self esteem left so I also gave her a tear. They are defacing me so I found it invigorating to do the same.  Childish I know but it felt good and gave me a laugh!

After getting over the shock and bitching about it on twitter, I e-mailed their legal department that hour who had a whole list of things I needed to do in order to file a compaint.  I of course paid no attention to all that legal jargon and ranted in the email about reputations and threatened to go to a higher authority (who I still have to find) if I didn't get a response.  (Which I of course still have yet to receive.)  There was no other way I found of getting in touch with the site - which by the way is for sale if you are interested.

I noticed that someone must be monitoring the stream because I have a friend on twitter whose handle includes the word bitch and they censored the word b***h...on that site, I found it a little ironic that anything was censored.

At this point I figured if someone was watching the stream, I may as well try to get their attention (which I will continue to do - so if my tweets call attention to Go-Go Dancers, know I am not talking to you directly) and bomb them with tweets about them and their seedy site.  Some of those aside from the ones you see above from the site include:

Found it curious that when I clicked the link that said "Go-Go dancers on Twitter", a new stream came up with tweets about go-go dancers AND NOT ONE OF THEM WERE MINE!

Funny also on the stream on their site, they took out any hashtags. Through these aimless, shameless tweets that are probably falling on deaf ears and only annoying the people that actually talk to me, I have discovered by recommending to others to Google their twitter handle, that I am not the only one whose tweet stream is streaming on this site.  I have a good handful of other friends that also found themselves and their stream on this very site...

Please, please do yourself the favor of googling your twitter handle and find out where in the world your tweets are going...recommend it to all your friends even if their name has nothing to do with Go-Go Dancers!

Tonight (Sunday night) I sent a copyright infringement statement to Twitter and if I don't get any response by Tuesday..look out for more tweetbombs! 

I will continue to update as this situation unfolds because I have a feeling I opened a nice juicy can of worms here that someone will have to answer to and be forced to enjoy my also juicy can of whoopass.

If you have any information about what can be done, or have found yourself on this site and want to join my revolution, please feel free to email me anytime!

P.S. I am not a prude and have no problem with and read many other bloggers who promote adult items on their sites.  This is about my content being somewhere it shouldn't be!   

PLEASE NOTE:  Although I have some decent dance moves, I have never been nor will I ever be a Go-Go Dancer - I could never pull off the outfit!


Barbara said...

That is crazy!! I can't wait to do this when I go home tonight!

CoffeeLovinMom said...

Please do! You will see many a tweet from now on from me about Googling yourself

RoryBore said...

So I tried this. First thing up was, naturally, a link to my twitter account. second item was a retweet of mine by Ashton Kutcher (seriously! was a bit suprised myself!), 2nd was a mention by Keurig (thanks to tweeting about my stupid broken coffee maker), and 4th in line was a comment from You -- about said stupid broken coffee maker. LOL And yes, they did replace my broken one for a the next model up.
There are links to other blogs where I have left comments, a link to my own blog...none of which is surprising. But YES, admist all that is my twitter feed on these unrelated pages for some odd reason. Nothing cool like Go Go dancer's but, a credit rate history site?!! WTH? what does my twitter feed have to do with that! Another is about Irish bloodhound lines. And then my twitter stats on some several personal web pages?! that's just creepy weird! And to top it all, I am listed as a Celebrity Tweeter on some foreign website and my feed is there!
It was a beautiful sunny day, and now cyber world has scared me to leave the house!

Phases Of Me said...

I Googled mine earlier and so far I seem to be ok. Guess I'm not popular enough yet! Lol!

Definitely keep is updated on the latest news on this tho!

Marisa said...

Oh EM Gee. Really?! Although, part of me might be flattered if someone called me a go-go dancer. (Is that bad?!)

I get your point though. Ahhhh, the internets :)

Project Life Blog Queen said...

I really think you should rethink your go-go dancing career. The shoes alone would really make my day, lol.

Glad you are mad but able to have fun with it.

Laura said...

This has me rethinking my plan to start tweeting!

I'm your newest follower from the Follow Me Chickadee hop. Hope you'll visit me at!

rubyspikes said...

Keep at it. And you are not annoying your followers (at least not this one). We're here with you. (Wearing our go-go boots, obviously.)

About JollyJilly said...

Hi Im a new follower from the blog hop and Im in the UK
Loved your blog really interesting
please come visit me anytime

Teresa said...

Thanks for sharing this on twitter the other day. i had pages of crap about me. I too, am a go go dancer, according to googles findings ;)I slapped a lock on my tweets!!!

Darcy said...

I only found myself - on twtter and my blogs.. on the first page anyway. I didn't dig too deep :)

Michelle Sedas said...

I really love this post. You make me LOL. :-) I'm with Marissa... Go-Go Dancer sounds cute. (Like the segment on Regis & Kelly?) But I see this is not a "Regis & Kelly"esque Go-Go Dancer site that you've been associated with.

So, go on, girl, and do your thang! Open up that can o' whoop@$$! :-)

CoffeeLovinMom said...

I think I know what my halloween costume will be...