Friday, May 6, 2011

10 Things - From Life's Little Instruction Book

Here's another dose on common sense we often forget about...suggestions from Life's Little Instruction Book to help us live happy and rewarding many are you following?

  1. Sing in the Shower 
  2. Learn to Play a Musical Instrument
  3. Compliment Three People Every Day
  4. Learn Three Clean Jokes
  5. Never Buy a House without a Fireplace
  6. Take Lots of Snapshots
  7. Don't Take Good Health for Granted
  8. Forget The Jones'
  9. Show Respect for Military Personnel
  10. Never refuse Homemade Brownies

As long as #10 comes with coffee, you know I'm in!  
Enjoy your day!


Robyn McAdie said...

Aha! There's the Instruction Book! I only(!) had one and then had a hysterectomy so they threw mine out with the 'trash'! I'll be sure to study-up next time I can sit with a cuppa!

His Way or Her Way said...

I have all 3 of the books. I love them and try to read them each year just as a reminder. It should be required reading. Just stopped by to wish you a nice weekend!


Kathy said...

I use to have a copy of the first "intruction" book. I think it got lost in one of our moves, I always loved it! Good advice, certainly the last and a cup of coffee sounds good! Have a wonderful Mothers day weekend!

Erika said...

Fun! :) Your blog is super cute! I'm visiting from the Mega Super Hop! I followed you with Facebook, Twitter, etc. too. Have a wonderful weekend!
Musings From a SAHM

Amateur Mommy said...

thanks for the post! i agree about the brownies coming with coffee! sometimes i have coffee with my coffee! :)

newest follower from the hop
I would love a follow back :)

Denise said...

I saw your name and knew I had to follow you because I too love coffee! Saw you on So Followed Saturday. I hope you will follow me back even though I am very new

Phil and Darby Hawley said...

Amy, I am loving your blog! I'm so glad I found it on Marni's HOP this morning. I am sitting here waiting for my house to wake up, enjoying the silence, and of course sipping on my coffee. I definitely a new follower :-)