Tuesday, May 3, 2011

10 Things - All Week Long

Since reading somewhere that I should have a blogging schedule I figured it should start with my reading of the blog(s) schedule which seems to be more out there than anything else..I feel like I don't know which way is up with all the blogs I am starting and continuing to follow.  

I agreed with myself to make it easy and limit it to Tuesdays being that I'm already doing 52 Weeks of Happiness, and the weekend - why not find a couple hops to join and read favorites.  Tuesday is normally my day off from the gym being that Monday is usually my hard day after slacking over the weekend (which, of course gives me more time for reading blogs...hello, there is a system here!) - I know you love the discipline.  Have faith that I might be able to keep with my schedule - I have made this post to remind myself where I will be all week long.
Oh and feel free join any that might interest you if you haven't already!

Tailspin Hop

TAILSPIN HOP - Great All month long linky
Hosted by: Darcy & Brian's Tales From The Nursery
I Joined Because: It's a one stop shop - sign up and you are good till the end of the month.  Plus...The pinwheel button gives me hope that Spring weather is out there!

Hosted by: The talented Leigh at Leigh vs. Laundry
I Joined Because:  I needed something to get me back into blogging on a regular basis and this was just what I was looking for!

Sippy Cup Mom

Hosted by 5 blogs - I found it through Melissa AKA The Sippy Cup Mom
I Joined Because:  I overuse the word Chickadee in my house.

Hosted by:  Jen at Sweep Tight
I Joined Because: She also has a giveaway linky in case I ever do one, I can enter twice!  I also love the idea of paying it forward!

 - SUPER MEGA 7 Blog Hop - It's a WEEKEND SOCIAL - 
Hosted by:  Lucas's Journey with SPD's
I Joined Because: It's an 8 in one where you can enter all your social networks.

Hosted by  3 blogs - I found it through Cori and her big mouth!
I Joined Because: She told me to...

My OWN (hopefully soon to be famous) SATURDAY SHORTS - which DOES NOT YET have a button, but if I get enough interest certainly will.  I have been doing SATURDAY SHORTS since my blog started - nothing but a Wordless Wednesday on a Saturday really - and a reason to wear shorts.  I wanted a picture without a lot of content which would either make people smile, laugh, say hmmmmmm, or evoke some kind of happy saturday feel..let me know if you might be interested please let me know and I will work on working on a button...and figuring out the whole linky thing...

Feel free to peruse a few choice selections of my 
Saturday Shorts:
Holy Balls
My Favorite Video
Transformers Movie Set
It Wasn't Our Time Yet
Epitome of Summer

I Joined Because:  I love the button...and cupcakes

SUPER STALKER SUNDAY - A total followfest 
Super Stalker Sunday is a weekly blog hop hosted by Marni's Organized Mess, Darcy of Tales from the Nursery, and April of Mama on a Green Mission. 
I found it through Marni over at her Organized Mess
I Joined Because: I like the idea of being a stalker and even better, the idea that people want me to do it!  

Quick Tattletails

Hosted by: Bonny at Quick Tattletails
I joined because: I have a new CLM Facebook page and would love to have more followers!  Who doesn't want more followers??  
Plus the button with the coffee in front of the laptop looks like my desk without all the clutter!  I also like her little twitterbird that will follow you around her page.

Hosted By : Carri at Adventures in Mommyhood who I tweeted with til the wee hours this past Friday night at #wineparty on Twitter just in time to find out about her funday - she's not kidding about all the fun!  You can feature a post that needs comment love and the focus is comments comments and more comments.  I can't wait to feature my Cialis post next week!

Ever hear of doing it twice on Sundays?  Well I guess I'm doing it twice on Tuesdays, three times on Sundays and throwing a Saturday and the whole weekend in for good measure.. 
(I hope nobody noticed I added that eleventh thing in there!!)

Hope to see you at some of these great hops!


Selena said...

What? No F**k You Fridays?


CoffeeLovinMom said...

I did just see a F**k You Friday and thought it was a good idea...maybe one Friday when I'm feeling froggy!

Marni's Organized Mess said...

Thank you so much for the linkage sweetie! : D

Carri said...

Thank you for the link love! Tomorrow is Sunday Funday... YAY

yestheyareallmine said...

Hi, I am visiting from Lucas's Journey With Sensory Processing disorder and am your newest follower! you can find me at http://yestheyrallmine.com I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

beachbaby said...

Hi there!!! Im your newest follower I found you through super mega 7 blog hop ..I hope you can come by and return the follow and visit http://beachbabys.blogspot.com/,I also have some great giveaways with low entries going on check them out and dont be shy to enter!

Callista said...

That's a lot of hops! I'm now following from Super Mega 7 blog hop. I love how you said why you joined each one!!

Heavenly Savings said...

Cute Blog! Happy Sunday! I would love for you to stop by and check out my blog as well! If you like it you can follow back! Thanks! Hope to blog with you again soon!


Kerry said...

This is exactly what i needed to get my blog going properly again! Thank you so o o o much ! Kerry x