Tuesday, May 31, 2011

52 Weeks of Happiness - Week 13

This past week the kids had silly hat day at school...

Monday, May 30, 2011

Am I Really a GO GO Dancer?

Sometime Saturday night it was suggested by someone I follow on Twitter to Google your twitter handle and see what "funny" things come up...
(I wish I could find the original tweet so I could give proper credit..)

I decided why not and on the first page found myself suprisingly clicking on this lovely link:

The Header Reads simply:

Go-Go Dancers
This makes it look like I am the
tweeting Go-Go Dancer, no?

I won't mention the official site name so nobody gets here by googling that site but it claims to be about go-go dancers! Even though I blocked out the links to also try and avoid those subjects from being here, you can see what they are..you will also notice the sidebar full of Vegas references.  This is a current stream as each time I go back to see if I'm still there, my most recent tweets are coming up.

You'll see I happily doctored the page up a bit because I thought the chick looked a little like a midget with no neck and I can't imagine she would make much money.  I named her No Neck Nina.  In her defense, she probably doesn't even know she's on the site either so I gave her a stache to hide her identity - you can tell she's sad and has barely any self esteem left so I also gave her a tear. They are defacing me so I found it invigorating to do the same.  Childish I know but it felt good and gave me a laugh!

After getting over the shock and bitching about it on twitter, I e-mailed their legal department that hour who had a whole list of things I needed to do in order to file a compaint.  I of course paid no attention to all that legal jargon and ranted in the email about reputations and threatened to go to a higher authority (who I still have to find) if I didn't get a response.  (Which I of course still have yet to receive.)  There was no other way I found of getting in touch with the site - which by the way is for sale if you are interested.

I noticed that someone must be monitoring the stream because I have a friend on twitter whose handle includes the word bitch and they censored the word b***h...on that site, I found it a little ironic that anything was censored.

At this point I figured if someone was watching the stream, I may as well try to get their attention (which I will continue to do - so if my tweets call attention to Go-Go Dancers, know I am not talking to you directly) and bomb them with tweets about them and their seedy site.  Some of those aside from the ones you see above from the site include:

Found it curious that when I clicked the link that said "Go-Go dancers on Twitter", a new stream came up with tweets about go-go dancers AND NOT ONE OF THEM WERE MINE!

Funny also on the stream on their site, they took out any hashtags. Through these aimless, shameless tweets that are probably falling on deaf ears and only annoying the people that actually talk to me, I have discovered by recommending to others to Google their twitter handle, that I am not the only one whose tweet stream is streaming on this site.  I have a good handful of other friends that also found themselves and their stream on this very site...

Please, please do yourself the favor of googling your twitter handle and find out where in the world your tweets are going...recommend it to all your friends even if their name has nothing to do with Go-Go Dancers!

Tonight (Sunday night) I sent a copyright infringement statement to Twitter and if I don't get any response by Tuesday..look out for more tweetbombs! 

I will continue to update as this situation unfolds because I have a feeling I opened a nice juicy can of worms here that someone will have to answer to and be forced to enjoy my also juicy can of whoopass.

If you have any information about what can be done, or have found yourself on this site and want to join my revolution, please feel free to email me anytime!

P.S. I am not a prude and have no problem with and read many other bloggers who promote adult items on their sites.  This is about my content being somewhere it shouldn't be!   

PLEASE NOTE:  Although I have some decent dance moves, I have never been nor will I ever be a Go-Go Dancer - I could never pull off the outfit!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday Shorts - Let Freedom Ring!

Still not in shorts this week..this weather is really a downer except when it's an upper..which hasn't lasted long in recent weeks. 

Does Mother Nature NOT know it's almost JUNE??
Well I planted flowers in the rain today but will wait to take pics when it's a nicer day out so here is your Saturday Short...

I hope the weather is short worthy where you are!


Parents will be Parents

This post is dedicated to those parents that let their children completely run the show.

You know this parent, the one that always asks their darling offspring at every juncture what they want wondering why the kid never does what he's told and doesn't listen when he's never really had to because what he wants wins out every time...

The parent that makes empty threats about "if you do this one more time - for the 10th time - blah blah blah will happen," that are never followed through on when if they would just follow through ONCE, instead of repeating the threat numerous times, the child would know which consequences are real...

The parent that is too busy helping organize whatever organized event you are at to tell their own kids to quit chasing each other around, encouraging other kids to run around..if one gets up, they all get up, it's complete anarchy.  Don't worry though, you are helping afterall...

We all know the parent that makes you feel the need to intervene in one or more of these situations or your own choice situation. The clown that planfully ignores their child's obnoxious behavior so that someone else can intervene.

I feel like a coward when I don't do or say anything and at the same time, I have recently learned it's not like I will get any kind of consequence from the parent who hears me yelling their child's name from afar and still remains socializing instead of finding out what's going on.  My husband on the other hand, has no problem taking charge in a situation where a kid needs a good talking to, or as he would refer it "A swift kick in the ass". (pardon his French)

I have spent the last 9 and a half years spending the majority of my time at parties or fieldtrips or organized events and what have you with my own children, following them around.  Call me anti-social if you would like but I would rather spend my time getting to know my kids and looking out for their well being rather than getting to know strangers or socializing just to hear my own head rattle. 

Kids need supervision - even at age nine, I see kids at the park trying to choke one another and of course I intervene - twice with the same kid choking two different ones. 

Kids thrive on limits (even though they often break them) rather than you leaving it up to them. 

Kids don't need a friend, they are discovering enough of those along the way - they need an authority figure to guide them.

I have always given my kids limited choices - you can do this or this - instead of leaving it open to the endless possibilities in the mind of a child. 

I have also placed limits and expectations when we are getting ready to get out of the car to wherever we are going - best behavior, you will not be getting candy while we are here, no screaming - to avoid the meltdown.  Or we leave..no ifs ands or butts...

I have followed through with any consequences that have been discussed which is why you will never hear me make an empty threat I'm not willing to follow through on.  

These parents that threaten to "lock their child in the car while they finish the rest of the meal" or "throw their child in the lake if they don't behave" aren't fooling anyone especially the child.  Children are smarter than people give them credit for..

Of course they are not going to act like they WANT these things, nor are they ever giving up without a fight but if you don't fight back and stand your ground, they will continue to walk all over you.

It's not about if you do this one more time..that's reactive.

It's about here's what's gonna happen if you don't do what's expected of you...be proactive.

I have never been embarassed to remove my child from a situation when having a temper tantrum, sure it's natural to wonder what they think of you but who cares?  More than likely you will never see any one of those people ever again in your whole life.

Here is an example of something my father did growing up which I will never forget...and happens to be a perfect example of following through on consequences..

It had to be 1978ish or whatever year Star Wars came out and the family went to the Drive In to see it..

It was a double feature movie and once Star Wars was over, my sister and I were supposed to sleep during the second movie in the hatchback. Maybe a little much to ask of two young children at their first drive in movie.. I think we might have been 6 and 4 if that.

Of course we messed around, probably ruining whatever second movie we were supposed to sleep through and my dad simply told us if we couldn't settle down, he would never take us to a drive in movie again. 

Guess what? 

The second drive in movie I saw was in high school with a boyfriend a good 10 years later.

I truly and firmly believe that ALL parents should take some kind of parenting class before having children or shortly thereafter. I also would like to patent a shirt that reads:

Parenting: It's all about getting off your ass!

Just sayin'

If I have to tell your child what to do, there is a problem..the fact that you would rather me tell your child what to do than do it yourself to me, is a bigger problem..

" Do not handicap your children by making their lives easy. " — Robert A. Heinlein

Friday, May 27, 2011

Fitness in 20 Seconds - The Real Story Week One

I am almost done with the first warmup week of 20 Second Fitness - one day left for this week. This first warmup week's routines are 4 - 5 minute workouts which consist of 4 or 5 different exercises, doing 2 sets of 20 seconds each exercise. I am sure the second week which is also a warmup will be a couple minutes more than the 4 - 5 minute workouts of this week.

My husband was pretty skeptical at the beginning of the week when I asked him and the rest of my family to join me in this quest for fitness. Who thinks a few minutes a day is going to do much when we've been conditioned at the gym and through fitness gurus that you need an hour a day just to maintain your current weight. I don't blame anyone for being skeptical.

After doing the workout the first day, having our heart rates up after the first exercise, being tired after the first 2 minute set, pushing it through the second and having it all be over in 4 minutes was really a bonus.

I was actually sore on day two from the pushups on day one.

Even after almost two full months going to the gym 3 - 5x week.

Four little minutes made me sore.

Don't believe it's possible?
Watch this video where Spencer Larson of 20 Second Fitness explains why this works and displays half of the workout I am doing in the warmup week. If you are really feeling froggy, try these two tiny minutes along with him and you will see what I mean..I promise it will be over in a flash - you have two minutes to prove it to yourself..

I managed to get my entire family to do it with me, albeit hesitantly at first, but they all stuck the first week out. The kids - 6 and 9 - don't get all the moves but they are moving and we are spending an extra few minutes together so that's a move in the right direction. My daughter, the six year old is asking as soon as dad gets home from work when we will be doing our quickie workout. My husband seems to be taking it a bit more seriously than he was at the beginning of the week as we have started to compare how many reps we get in within those 20 seconds. I like having people to workout with that I don't mind when they laugh if my pants start falling down. It's a little less embarassing doing that in front of people that love you unconditionally. My son could take it or leave it and does it under duress but he still does it just the same. My husband and I decided that we will take before pictures which I will share next week - we'll see if he makes it to the after pictures..

I also weighed and measured today which you can find the full chart HERE
I lost 1 pound just this week and I have to attribute it to 20 Second Fitness because I only went to the gym once all week (Who wants to go to the gym for an hour when you can do it in a few minutes at home?) and didn't really diet as I had been doing lower carb and I had spagetti and meatballs for dinner last night. I was stuck at 147 until the last couple days actually so I am a little impressed. 

Here is what is included in the 20 Second Fitness Program:
  • 40 Workouts on 6 DVDs
  • Set of Gym quality resistance bands
  • Food Guide to Smarter Eating
  • Wall calendar to track progress and success
  • Adjustable jump rope
I do plan on using some of the meals from the Food Guide as I am in need of new dinner ideas anyway and if it's good for them at the same time, it's all the better. There are quite a few breakfast ideas I like and being that I'm not really a breakfast person, I would like to get into it. I have already printed a couple recipes I think my family would enjoy.

If you are interested in purchasing 20 Second Fitness with their 60-day money-back guarantee and hassle free returns, I have a special coupon code for you to use to get FREE SHIPPING in the Continental United States and a $15 discount for orders to Canada and overseas.
20 Second Fitness coupon code: 'coffee lovin mom'.

Please let me know if you order, I would love to take this journey along with you!

Please note: I received a program from 20 Second Fitness to try in my home and review.
I am linking up with 10+ other bloggers to see their results as well. 
All opinions and results are 100% mine.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Was a Senior Hottie

Yeah, I just had Tidalwave hair and killer bangs brought to you by Aussie Sprunch Spray..

I did not ever think I was a Senior Hottie until late last year while I had this picure as my facebook profile picture..

I "liked" a Kenny Rogers fan page and got a message from this random guy apparently from the group talking about how we had musical interests in common trying to gimme some line about how people like to meet people and
blah biddy blah...

I think that qualifies me for A Belle, A Bean and a Chicago Dog's I Was A #SeniorHottie 

or maybe it's the bangs..

Two good friends I am still friends with to this day...I'm sure they won't mind their hotness being shown as well!

What an awesome idea to have everyone link up and show their Senior hotness!  Thanks Liz -  I can't wait to see all the hotness that takes over!  Please join in on this if you haven't, I'd like to see you in all your Senior hotness as well - the link is open until Monday!

Please also stay tuned for Friday's post which will include the promo code for 20second fitness!  I will have an overview of the first week and including an informational video.  I am getting the whole family involved so it will be fun to see who sticks with me..

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Second Vlog

Welcome back to another week of VLOGTALK
I actually can't believe I'm here myself...


This week’s VlogTalk prompts:
1.) Show us your 3 favorite magazines and tell us what you like about them.
2.) Where do you spend most of your time and why?
3.) A parenting mistake you have made (submitted by A Mountain Momma).

VLOGTALK is quickly becoming all the rage!
Please, if you are feeling froggy, join our three lovely hostesses who also host the#vlogtalk tweetchat Tuesday nights from 6 - 7 PST with answers to any vlogging questions you may have and will definitely provide you some good clean wine and conversation on a Friday night:

Jessica of My Time as Mom

Kate of Mommy Monologues

Elena at Mommy is In Time Out 
You can link up at any one of their blogs to participate.  Thanks ladies!

They continue to be the hostesses with the mostest
and are bringing bloggers outside the blog!

52 Weeks of Happiness - Week 12

Look out, here she comes - the sportygirl

You might not be able to tell by this picture, but she is pretty good for her first year.  All over the ball from wherever she's playing and a decent hitter. This is her first year and it's all about logistics right now but I'm happy to see her active and look forward to the rest of the season.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fitness in 20 Seconds?

What are your top excuses for not working out?
Do any of these sound familiar?

I have kids

I have no time for the gym

I can never stick with a program

I hate sweating

87 gazillion times up and down the stairs isn't a workout?

I clean house, isn't that enough?

Exercise hurts

This list could go on and on, I've used every one of them - feel free to add your own favorite.

If you have been reading my blog, you will know that I Joined A Gym at the end of March and I am also doing a Slimdown for Summer Fitness Challenge.  The first 7 pounds came off like buttah basically from changing my habits and moving 3 - 5 times a week.  In the last month, sadly I have only lost 3 pounds and would really like to run get away from 150 pounds. I am currently at 147(ish) - you can find my current measurements HERE.  In all my shortness, that weight is not condusive for the BMI (which I don't really believe anyway, but still...) or thighs worthy of skydiving which I plan on repeating this summer with my father who moaned when I went last time that I didn't invite him. <--totally different post

Monday starts a new journey of 20 Second Fitness AKA The Super Fast At-Home Interval Training System. This thanks to my friend Kim at What's That Smell - Accidental Mommies who managed to put together a group of bloggers to also participate in the program and share their own individual results.  Kim is just getting back from a trip to Mexico so please forgive the lack of details, I will have more as the week continues I am sure. 

This 20 Second Fitness program is just exactly what you probably think it is, I have faith that my readers can figure this one out.  20 seconds of an exercise - then you get 10 rest seconds to prepare for the next 20 seconds of engagement and fun for entertainment purposes.  I watched the introduction video and was apparently somehow motivated after watching all the exercise form vids to just do the first day.  The video claims that "Your Body Can't Wait", maybe that was somehow subliminal as well because I have never been motivated to just go ahead and do the first day before I planned on starting...

It took all of four minutes and included:

  • Cross Country Skier
  • Planks
  • Push-Ups
  • Curls

The idea is that you work your hardest doing as many as you can as intensely as possible for you for those 20 seconds.  Each exercise is repeated in that order.  That's 2 minutes each set, I repeat: the first day took all of FOUR MEASLY MINUTES. Done. I disliked pushups the most - only did 8 the first set and was able to get 11 out of the second set.

Spencer Larson who is a co founder of the program and your enthusiastic instructor continuously tells you that "You can do anything for 20 seconds" and that this can be part of your routine like brushing your teeth.  I will tell you it hurt for maybe half of those 20 seconds but then it was over in a flash and done for the day.  Well, in my case, I will be adding it to what I was already doing at the gym 3 - 5 times a week.

For someone who has tried many many many programs - I go as far back as Sweatin' to the Oldies with Richard Simmons - I have to be honest here.  My biggest success came years ago BC when I began each morning jumping rope.  I started out slow and eventually worked my way up to a couple minutes each morning and didn't do a whole lot more.  I really think there is something about waking up your metabolism in a fast blast like this and really, who doesn't have 4 minutes?  Kids or no kids, a few minutes can easily work into any routine and sounds a heck of a lot better than an hour at the gym.  I am excited to start this program and share my next eight weeks with you.  Friday is my next weigh-in and may include before pictures so stay tuned.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday Shorts - Stepping Back in Time

This lovely Saturday I am able to sit in my old grey shorts that ain't what they used to be and present you this photo brought to you exclusively by the third grade field trip which was a walking tour of our po-dunk town of
Lowell, IN and circa turn of the century. 
I learned a lot which I plan to share - but for now, enjoy!

I hope you love stepping back in time as much as I do!
Enjoy your Saturday - I hope you are able to wear those shorts!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Technology Abuse - Are You Guilty?

So can I just tell you I had to UPS my laptop to my IT guy this morning because either:

A) My hard drive is shot OR
B) My hard drive controller (whatever in the hell that is) is shot

This is either a $100 fix for choice A or $300 - $400 for choice B which I could probably get a new laptop for a few bucks more...AAAHHH

Let's scroll back to Tuesday evening  - where the technology abuse starts - as I'm talking to an old friend, well listening really, for probably close two hours (people wonder why I don't answer the phone) and my cell started beeping at me telling me the battery was dying.  Even though I told her my phone was about to die, we still talked until the bugga finally went dead 10 or 20 minutes later.  I thought nothing of it, plugged in my phone when I went to bed and it didn't light up.  I tried to turn it on but nothing.  Usually when I plug it in I can use it to set the alarm at least but not tonight.  I turned the old, annoying digital alarm on instead and figured my phone would be fine in the morning. 

Not so much.

Wednesday morning and the phone still would not turn on at first..then it teased me by turning on for a minute, well long enough to get about 5 messages, and it turned itself off again.  I took the battery out and put it back in, still nothing.  I even blew into the spot where the battery was like you would an old school nintendo game.  I decided that the outlet of course that I plugged it into and successfully charged it every other night had to be the problem and tried to plug it into one of the kitchen outlets - no light or any indication that the phone was being charged.  Still I plugged it in and hoped for the best, took the kids to school and came back to my daily routine of twitter and coffee...only the screensaver on my laptop wouldn't go away when I clicked the mouse, so I tapped the spacebar, the pad and then the button below the pad - STILL NOTHING.

Already ticked that my phone is out of commission, I tap a little harder and then I think I might have maybe slammed my fist on the desk a couple of times, possibly spilling a little coffee and tapped a little harder this time like I really meant it,  claiming bullcrap on this whole day already and it's barely 8:30.  I'm sure there were some choice words said and without quoting myself, will refer you to the scene in Pulp Fiction where Bruce Willis finds out his watch is missing...

Then suddenly instead of the screensaver, I now have a blue screen that is beeping at me like the heart monitor in the hospital scene on any soap opera when so and so quits breathing after the horrific firery car accident...
beep beep beep beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!


Now frustration and anger turns to begging and pleading..please, no!



I quickly turn the computer off, hoping it's just an error that goes away, say a little prayer and turn it back on.  I don't have a nickname for it or I would have called it by name as I was pleading for it to be okay..  I get the Dell screen which gives me hope and then the blue screen telling me there is no hard drive detected?? WAIT - WHAT?

In denial I turn off the computer a second time, this time leaving it off long enough for me to warm up my coffee and guess what?


I knew having no hard drive detected was NOT a good thing and literally said eff the day, went back to bed hoping it was just a bad dream or something and I would wake up and live happily ever after.  I thought I heard my phone ring while I was asleep but I figured it was my imagination because when I woke up a couple hours later, everything was still dead. 

It wasn't just a bad dream.

I put a call into my IT guy who also happens to be my brother-in-law which is a bonus.  I got the kids from the bus stop and we went to the phone store. I walked in and when they swarmed me, I showed them the phone and told them it was dead and wouldn't take a charge.  The guy that was nice enough to stick with me, after going through all the motions I already had taking the battery out was able to sell me a nice new charger that appeared to actually be charging the phone with a lovely shorter cord for the low low price of only 30 bucks.  Cellphone problem remedied - I was clearly ripped off on the deal but it worked and I don't have to spend money on a new phone.

I get home and plug in my phone to get the call back from BIL who tells me by what the symptoms are that he can't do anything remotely like he normally works his magic when it's being problematic and that I have to send it to him....sniff.

Which brings me to the conclusion that I am a technology abuser. 
I took advantage of my phone by letting it die. 
I took advantage of my laptop by getting pissed and giving it the what for. 
I managed to kill two of the things I use the most in a 24 hour period.
Why do I think if I press things harder they might work?
What technology have you abused lately that you need to be nicer to?

They say you don't know what you've got until it's gone...I have a feeling this next week without my laptop will definitely make me understand that a little better.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Vlogtalk Presents - the Non-Vlogger!


VLOGTALK is quickly becoming all the rage!
Please, if you are feeling froggy, join our three lovely hostesses who also host the#vlogtalk tweetchat Tuesday nights with answers to any vlogging questions you may have and will definitely provide you some good clean wine and conversation on a Friday night:

Jessica of My Time as Mom

Kate of Mommy Monologues

Elena at Mommy is In Time Out 
who doesn't seem to have a blog button I can grab..of course I could just be missing it.
You can link up at any one of their blogs to participate.

They continue to be the hostesses with the mostest
and are bringing bloggers outside the blog!
Except in my case, I was being dragged kicking and screaming..

You'll notice this is week two for the rest of the group and I'm only doing my first - this would be because all I could bring myself to do last week was sit in front of my camera and make faces at myself.  Seriously I recorded about 3 and a half seconds which were mostly Umms or uuhhhs and my anxiety was flipping out, and I don't have anxiety issues. I did have fun with the embellishments that came with the cam but that's another post entirely.

Here are this weeks prompts:

1) Why you don’t vlog 
(inspired by A Belle, a Bean, and a Chicago Dog)
2) What is your makeup routine? Show us 
(inspired by Daily Dose of Sugar Mama)
3) Tell us the story behind your kid(s) names or blog nicknames

So here I am barely out of my chicken skin and sweaty palms participating in Vlogtalk.  I especially love that the still picture chosen makes me look like a drunk televangelist..I swear I'm not loaded or preaching.

Me in all my dorkness - enjoy!
I can't wait to see all the other vloggers this week and maybe get some make-up tips - HAAA

SO happy my first time is done da dun!
Thanks ladies!

Slimdown for Summer - Fitness Challenge

Here we are again for another check-in for the Slimdown for Summer Fitness Challenge.  Eight weeks seemed so far away in the beginning and there are only two weeks left of this challenge.  

I think am doing pretty well on the program overall, keeping to the eating curfew of 8pm - most nights it's even earlier but some nights you'll find me scarfing my last snack at 7:57.  This has in six weeks become habit for me as did the 64oz. of water a day which I never thought I would get used to in the beginning, now I can tell a difference in how I feel if I haven't had a couple of bottles by noon. This of course is a cinch on the mornings I actually get my ass to the gym workout. 

I'm sure I won't be winning the competition and this is okay with me..I am feeling better, losing inches and making better habits for myself and my kids (they try and keep up with me on the water) through this process and I am happy that I found Fun On A Dime at just the right time. To me, this is winning in itself. (Cliché I know, but winning just the same!)

I have been doing better with the points getting 37 out of a possible 45 last week with 7 bonus points.  Each week there are different bonus points and last week's were for logging your food intake each day with a journal.  I found an online program called LOSE IT that I had already been using to track all my meals, workouts and weight with and they calculate for you the calories for meals and workouts and let you know how many more calories you can eat in a day based on your goals.  I would recommend using a program like this because as long as you keep up with it, it holds you accountable for what you are doing in your routine.  I have found that I have a pattern of working out hard the first three days of the week and then after Wednesday kind of slack off most weeks.  I have done only one of each Thursday, Friday class and only two Saturday classes. 

Just now really sat down noticed that actually.  

Still, of the 54 days I have been at the gym, aside from the hour personal training session, I have 27 classes in, have done the dreadmill 6-ish times and managed to hold on to the eliptical a couple of times here recently so not too shabby for someone that came off a 5 week unemployed, unmotivated, sluggish, sedentary slump.**  My three month membership at the gym ends the 23rd of June, which is also coming quicker than I thought. My initial goal of 60 classes may not be met but I am going to do my best to come close.

I started the gym the last week of March and in seven weeks have lost over 10 pounds and 7 and a half inches. You can find my MEASUREMENTS here if you are interested in my progress.  I am almost fitting back into my jeans.  Believe me, the day I do, there will be a post of all posts because I am a bit pissed cheesed off that after losing what I already have, and seeing real physical results in the mirror, I still get only as far as one leg in and just know I don't want to struggle getting them the rest of the way on...needless to say, I'm glad I still have at least 4 weeks before summer weather really gets underway around here.

Anywho, I am excited to tell you that I am starting a NEW CHALLENGE with my friend Kim at What's That Smell? - Accidental Mommies that starts a week from today with a bunch of other bloggers that are also receiving this new program.  Here's what I know:

It's an 8 week program that I think will give me that boost I need to get me away from 150 - which at 5 foot half an inch on a good day is NOT a good thing - and back into my jeans. 

Each blogger participating will document their progress and at what level they are using the program.  For instance, I will be using it in addition to going to the gym, others will be replacing their previous routines or just starting out so it should prove interesting.

This will also continue me on 3 - 4 weeks after my gym membership is up.  

I don't want to give too much away because I don't have all the details and I have a post in the works to let you in on it so stay tuned! 

P.S. It could involve taking actual before and after pictures and/or vlogging so be aware of what you are getting into..

**I only do the dreaded machines when I show up late for class or sometimes on the rare occasion my sister happens to talk me into it.