Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Somebody thinks I'm stylin'??

You will never even believe that I am being awarded the Stylish Blogger Award from Anne over at Mama's Gotta Go who I "met" (or rather I saw so I feel like I met) during the UBP11 Party on the video chat (for lack of the actual term) and she had some really good blogging tips. We even got to meet her cute daughter. Which makes me think I need to get skype or whatever it is I need to get on video chat. You can just feel the style oozing can't you? Maybe you can but I'm still in shock considering my style these days consists of sweatpants, gymshoes and bobbypins in my newly chopped off hair. If I found the time to style my hair and fit back into my jeans, I might feel a little more stylish. Anyway, I'm glad someone thinks I am!

Thanks Anne! Please check out Anne's Post as she listed some other great bloggers for this award - so I am to do the same:

1.  Forever After Designs 
2.  The Allred Family Adventures
3.  The Square Peg
4.  Coffee and Crafts
5.  Embracing Chaos
6.  Amy's Blah, Blah Blogging
7.  In One Ear
8.  Whimsical Words
9.  Coffee and Caramel
10.  Shasher's Life

The goal is to pass this award to 10 or so blogs that you enjoy. Link back to them as well as the person sending you the award. Then have some fun telling your readers 7 random things about yourself.

And then, the harder step of the two, seven random things about me:
(at least there's only seven!)

1. Last week, I got a foot cut off my hair and am donating it to Locks of Love (I think I may be having seperation issues as I haven't mailed it in yet!) - Post to come when I send it in!
2.  My daughter who is 6 decided to do the same thing and is donating almost 10 inches - she hasn't looked back and has no regrets.
3.  I just in the last few days realized I can be more creative with fonts on blogger - Duh I only ever worked in the HTML section - hello??
4.  I have never broken a bone in my life, nor do I ever want to!
5.  Once upon a time I was a pre-school teacher.
6.  I met my husband at my sister's wedding and spent the night at his house that night - all we did was talk until the sun came up, we didn't even kiss until the next day! 
7.  I am SO EXCITED to announce that I am about to get even MORE STYLISH! I happened to be in the right place at the right time this last week and won myself a blog makeover by Sydney at Forever After Designs! I cannot even begin to tell you how happy this makes me and I hope you stick around for all the changes because they will be awesome! Here's a taste - my sample button!

Cute right?


ArtsyNina said...

Oh geez- I was speed reading and thought your first about me said 'last week I got my foot cut off...'

Congrats -you are getting nods everywhere! Just saw you on a list MyDishwashersPosessed too :)

Kathy said...

Congratulations on being Stylin! Don't worry at all about the verstalie blogger, I'm glad I have you up on my blog as one of my favorites because I enjoy you so much! I think it is great that you and your daughter did locks for love! Good for you both!

Marisa said...

Wheee! Congrats! :-)

Sydney said...

Wow Thanks! This is pretty cool. And I'm glad you so excited about your new design!

I think the Locks of Love thing is AWESOME! I want to do that one day, but usually I don't have hair patience and I end up chopping it off every few months. Waiting for it to get down to my shoulders again!

Terri said...

Awesome. Of course you are styling! Good job on the Locks of Love. You are so brave to cut off that much hair at once.Can't wait to see your new blog design. And maybe you need to enlighten me...I think I might only be working in html as well....

Beverly said...

Yours' is such a fun blog to read. I read your comment on In One Ear and decided to come and check your blog out. I love your blog name "Coffee Lovin Mom", it instantly gave us something in common.
Blue Velvet Vincent

Bobbey said...

Congrats and thank you very much!

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Thank you so much! That was really sweet of you, although I feel less than stylish right now as well! :)

Congrats on the blog makeover, how fun!

Jen Squared said...

Thanks for the award! Things have been crazy over at our blog but we'll be sure to make our own Stylish Blog post!