Monday, April 18, 2011

Slimdown for Summer - Fitness Challenge

Today starts week three in my 8 week journey on the Slimdown for Summer Fitness Challenge over at Fun On a Dime.  I joined a gym last month before this started (3/23) - for that, this is the end of my week four as Wednesday will start my week five and so far I have done 14 classes in 26 days and even been on the DREADED TREADMILL a handful of times - without having been talked into it even.  I can't say I love working out but it definitely makes me feel better.

I am measuring all of the appropriate places and in the first four weeks have disposed of over 2 inches  - the only place I put on inches was on my calves so I'm okay with that.  I will have a table with measurements by the next time I measure - which is every four weeks.

I have lost 8 pounds and gained 4 back!**  I blame the recent birthday parties and lack of outdoor activities due to weather and hope that the gain is due to muscle.. (I seriously doubt it after the ice cream and homemade birthday cakes but one can HOPE!)  

I must say I have been disappointed with my first two weeks in the Slim Down for Summer challenge as all of the above does not even count as it's not based on pounds or inches lost..  This challenge gives points for the following:
  • 64oz. water daily
  • Exercise (5x week max)
  • No sugar (our own interpretation based on diet/nutrition)
  • 6+ hours of sleep a night
  • No eating after 8pm
  • Various bonus points each week 

The thing that's really killing me is the water (and the sugar the past couple weeks!)  Out of 45 possible points - week one was 28 and week two was 32.  Boo!  I do like the accountability part of it and as I've said, I'm not really in it to win it but to feel better about myself and I already do.  We have been going through water more than usual as the kids are trying to keep up with my water intake.

I am for the most part, sticking to a low(er) carb diet during the week and allowing myself maybe a little too much indulgence on the weekends.  I plan to modify that this week and make it into a better habit. 

I am slowly getting into the habit of exercising 3 - 5x a week and I was already starting the habit of not eating after 8pm - 7:56 you will find me getting my last snack on some nights but I have not been a late-night snacker in about 6 weeks. Sleep is not a problem for me now that I can "sleep in" till 7am to get the kids off to school.  When I worked, I was up by 5am which would not have been great sleeping conditions.

Overall, I would say I'm doing OKAY on the Slimdown for Summer and would like to give you a better report next time I check-in.  There is a weekly check-in on Fun on a Dime but I will only post every other Monday and report two weeks at a time.  Bonus points for this week are for 96oz. of water!  UUGGH!

**Please note: This weight loss happened in first the month I was at the gym, not in the first two weeks of the challenge.

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Pamela said...

Hi! I'm very much into eating well & fitness. I look forward to reading about you reaching your goals. It's a rough road (one I have been one and continue the journey) but so worth it!! Be blessed & healthy! Pamela