Monday, April 4, 2011

Slimdown for Summer Fitness Challenge

Ask and you shall receive!
I just happened to come upon this little blog called Fun on a Dime who just happened to be doing a fitness challenge that I just happened to mention I was looking for last week. The challenge is based on points for drinking water, exercising, eating right and not after 8pm and sleeping which I was excited about because I am reeealllly good at that one!! It says yes, naps do count so wee ha now I have an excuse...I gotta get my 6+hours!

In any case, I still have to print and get used to what we are getting points for. Every Monday there is a check in - NOT a weigh in - this is based strictly on points. I am excited to try it out for 8 weeks. If you can be in for 8 weeks, or just want the down low, please jump on over to Fun on a Dime! There are prizes for the winner but I am not in it to win it, just to make myself better and ready for SUMMER!!

Today was my first personal training session at The Fitness Edge and man they push you. 40 minutes of someone watching you, making sure you do every move when you want to stop and telling you how awsome you are doing when you know you look like a fool with sweat running down your face - yep that was me this morning. Not my idea of fun but I know I'm doing good for my body. (Thankfully this was my ONLY personal training session - no offense Jackie!)

I have been taking classes since joining like Yoga, Zumba, Ab Blast and a fun little Great Balls of Fire! The BALL classes are funny when you hear phrases like: "Oh your ball might be too heavy" or "Take the ball between your knees" (you get the picture) - Maybe that's just me but I laugh a few times in the class at least. Anyway, I figured I would try them all out and then get a routine down. I plan to do mostly classes and the treadmill (when my sister can talk me into it)as my main goal is to reduce my thighs enough that by June when I go skydiving they don't get all bruised up like they did the last time I went.

Ideally, I would like to lose about 40 pounds which I know is not entirely feasible by June but I would like to get as close as I can and at the very least reduce those thighs!

Being five foot a half inch on a good day, my BMI does not look good at this point in time...

I said I would have a list of goals today so here they are:
-Drink more water
-Take vitamins
-Reduce thighs
-Be more active
-Lose 40 pounds
-Lose inches
-Find my waist again!!
-60 classes by the time my gym membership is over (June 23)

I haven't decided yet if I will take a before picture - I do not consider any part of myself photogenic so I might pass or I might just surprise you!



Michelle from Fun On A Dime said...

Looking forward to have you along for the fun (and fitness). Us shorties have to stick together and the BMI is just plain not nice to us! lol Thanks for sharring the Fitness Challenge!

CoffeeLovinMom said...

Thanks Michelle!