Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday Shorts - Stepping Back In Time (Still no shorts)

Another Saturday and still no cause to wear shorts here as it's only in the 60's and rainy. We woke up to a healthy April thunderstorm which seems to be drying up but there's a chance again later...what's it like where you are??

Here's to the only shorts in town!

OK... When was the last time you actually saw one of these?

I did not see Superman anywhere near the area..but it was in a little town in Iowa called Rockwell that still has a Post Office that looks like this:

I like stepping back in time, I hope you do too!



Jan said...

How fun! I haven't seen a phone booth in ages. Hmmm, that makes me wonder where the superheroes change clothes at these days....

Kathy said...

A phone booth! Wow! How did things change so quickly! Thanks for a step back in time.

Project Life Blog Queen said...

LOVE the phone booth! Does the phone work?