Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday Shorts - Stepping Back in Time

I found some vintage Easter pictures from years gone by!
I hope you enjoy stepping back in time with many hats!

The first three pictures are of my father's family and the last is my mother's family.  I wonder what ever happened to the whole Easter Hat idea...they all looked great in theirs!  I love looking at these and hope you did too!



Kathy said...

Thanks for sharing the great pictures! I love to look at old photos myslef. I love the hats! Have a happy Easter!

Alicia said...

I love old photos like these!!!! They are treasures!

Have a Happy Easter!

Magnolia_Mom said...

Love these old pictures!

His Way or Her Way said...

What a blast looking at the pictures. Americana photos of the times. It was a nice era to grow up in. Love your blog!! Hope you'll visit ours soon!


Samantha B said...

Visiting from SITS! Love these pictures!! Great blog :)

Fork said...

I love these photos! How fun to look back on these happy times with family!