Friday, April 15, 2011

Rainbow Cupcakes - The Real Story!

Being that I just tackled Jake the Snake, our resident bundt cake turned snake cake, I figured these rainbow cupcakes would be a cinch..

I should have known better with my own full understanding that
I don't bake.

Instead they damn near gave me a panic attack...
(and I've never really had one!)

We started at about 4:30pm mixing the cake mix - which I bought 2 (different brands, Betty Crocker and Pillsbury mind you) boxes of because we had to make about 30 cupcakes. I would recommend first buying the same brand as they had different instuctions and were not the same consistancy once mixed. I should have had the smarts to mix both batters together before separating for colors but I didn't...a lesson learned.

My daughter had the best time helping, cracking the eggs by herself and putting all the ingredients together so I could mix them. Then we separated the batter into (pretty much even) six bowls and added food coloring. We started putting batter into the slots, my batch starting with red on the bottom and hers starting with purple.

It took an hour - yes, almost a full hour - to get that first batch into the oven doing six layers of batter in each cupcake. Just to clarify, we are talking about TWELVE cupcakes taking an hour just to prep. I first realized this was going to be a fiasco when my first batch was almost to the top of the tin - I made the layers WAY too thick..(yet another lesson learned) which was verified when we turned the light on in the oven and they were starting to overflow. (Please keep in mind, I don't bake! Well, I guess I do now that I've done it twice now in one week but don't spread it around as I am definitely a novice!)

I started immediately apologizing to my daughter saying we might have to go to the grocery store to pick up some 'regular' cupcakes. It was at this point I about had a melt down.

By now it's going on six, the kids are making their own salami sandwiches for dinner, I'm ready to be DONE with these and my son notices that the tops of the cupcakes are begining to touch each other! I decided I better just wait to freak out until they were done baking. They were really easy to get out of the pan which I was happy about considering they were way out of their appropriate cupcake spaces and were definitely more muffin size than cupcake.  The second batch which my daughter started the same time I did were on their third layer of batter when we decided to make sure these didn't come all the way to the top of the tin and they came out a bit more cupcake size..

They all looked really pretty while they were cooling off..

The last batch paled in comparison to the first of course because by this time I was running out of batter - then I realized I didn't even use the yellow on the third batch - which was already in the oven by the time I noticed the bowl still had batter in it.

Some of these poor cupcakes only had two layers and I had to double them up! We decided the teachers would enjoy the little double ones - the other small ones, we made sure had extra extra sprinkles to make up for their size.

I'm hoping there are a couple kids absent from her classroom so that there aren't too many that get the small ones!

Overall, I think they turned out pretty good...
Can I at least get an A for effort?

It was also really great to have this baking time with my daughter - she had more fun than I did of course.  She was quite proud to say that she cracked the eggs and I was proud that I let her do more than I normally would.

I think I may do this again maybe someday soon - they would be a great idea for Easter!  Have a great FRIDAY!!


Project Life Blog Queen said...

Your cupcakes look great! That last picture of them cut open had me wanting to make some. But then again, nope. Too many different bowls of batter to make. My daughter would love to do it though, I'll have to let her know.LOL!

Great job!

Kathy said...

They look great! I'm extemely impressed! My daughter loves to bake too and as I was reading I thought maybe that would be fun to make with her and my boys, but, I don't have the nerve. Maybe I will try cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles! Lol!

Project Life Blog Queen said...

LOL, Kathy that is more my style too. Cupcakes with sprinkles. Funny, I used to LOVE to cook. Maybe I'm just in a funk.

Terri said...

I laughed at the three sizes. Exactly why I hate baking! Give me the appetizers, salads, main dishe assignments anyday. Cute.

Krista said...

Yum! They look delicious! I think they look great! Of course I am biased because my baking also turns out looking a little different that the pics in magazine. I made the mistake one year of trying to make a ice cream cake. Yeah--it was hideous but it tasted great!

CoffeeLovinMom said...

I'm glad they would have been a hit in this crowd! They really weren't all that hard, just time consuming...I felt like we should have been close to done by the time the first batch went in. I would and probably will do it again!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Love the look....wish I had the stuff to make them now.....Have a great week

Sydney said...

These look great! I LOVE baking, and this totally looks like something I would try. I've always wanted to make this rainbow layer cake I saw on Martha Stewart (yes, I watch it!) once, and this is kind of like that! I say you deserve an A+!

Gilda said...

I LOVE these! I love to cake decorate and you have giveen me a cool idea for our next party.

If you want feel free to check out some of my cakes.


Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

I love making multicolored cupcakes, everyone thinks they are super fun! Love it!

Connie said...

Too labor intensive for this mommy but they look great and I applaud you for plowing through it.