Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Locks Of Love - Mother/Daughter Style!

Today I was finally able to present my daughter with this certificate:

Over Spring Break, she and I both went in and got 
our hair cut for Locks of Love.

My braid was a foot long!
Hers was almost 10 inches.  

I wasn't planning on having her donating her hair but when she saw me get mine lopped off, it was important for her to do the same thing.  I was proud of her being only 6!

Her braid almost measured 10 inches, I hope they are able to use it anyway!

Wow my hair was really long!  I think I miss it a little!
(Especially in process of doing my new 'Do which takes a bit more effort!)

It also took me almost 3 weeks to send it in.
I think I may have been having separation issues.

My husband wanted to glue it back on.
He's never seen my hair this short...
Once he gets used to the fact that I didn't do this for him, 
I think he'll get over it soon enough.

I'm glad that I was able to donate something meaningful other than money!



Kathy said...

What a great thing to do, especially with your daughter! It must have been hard to let your hair go! I think that makes it even more special and more of a lesson for your daughter. Thanks for a great story. Happy Wednsday! And, you look great!

Photina said...

What an awesome thing to do! I am currently growing my hair out so I can do that. It's such a great cause.

rena said...

Thanks for visiting mine. I like your hair shorter, looks nice. And cudos to your daughter for doing that!