Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jake the Snake and I Don't Bake

Anyone that knows me knows I don't bake...
So when my son said he wanted to do the cake bake and auction with boyscouts, I was a little nervous. Especially after hearing there were tractor cakes and alot of fondant last year...

In fact, when I announced that we were doing this project on Facebook, my own sister said: "YOU MADE A CAKE?? meaning you baked,mixed,added ingredients and all that??!! for scouts??? you don't even bake for your parties...I'm impressed..I'd like to see pictures!!!"

Thanks for the vote of whatever that was!

I thought I would make things easy on myself and make a bundt cake and do it red, white and blue being that we were already talking about doing rainbow cupcakes for my daughter's UNbirthday at school also this week. I imagined this bundt cake coming out looking awesomely close to perfect with all the layers of color showing and all I would have to do was drizzle some white frosting on and it would shine on it's own.

Not so much...

I took it out of the pan and it kind of rolled up being round on the sides only revealing the thought my son had - that it looked like jello! (I was embarassed to take pictures at this point so I didn't..)

It wasn't going to shine all on it's own, the layers of color mostly turned brown on the outside and being that it was a round cake, I couldn't just make it into a flag so we decided to cut it in half and make it into a snake!

I found a decent vanilla frosting recipe from the internet
which we separated into three and added food coloring to.
I was able to put my cake decorating kit to use (finally)
to let them pipe on some spots and stripes,
and of course we added sprinkles.

Isn't he just the cutest??

My son named him Jake the Snake and wanted the name
on there as well as his own so I put my limited old
Baskin Robbins skills to work..

Not bad for someone that doesn't bake..the kids were proud and happy that we did it together - that was what mattered most. Our cake didn't place in the judging but it was popular in the auction as I had to pay $40 to win it back!!

It was very delicious and worth every penny spent..

Next project - RAINBOW CUPCAKES!!!


Donna J said...

Too funny...and cute! In addition to coffee, we have something else in common - I couldn't bake anything if my life depended on it. I've mastered an almost homemade peach cobbler that I've served the past seven years. Warms my heart when my nephews ask for it at Thanksgiving!

Sweet Little Smoothie said...

LOL! Oh I love a butt...I meant bundt cake! Such a great idea turning it into a snake!! And it ended up so adorable!

Kathy said...

You can't start a post saying you can't bake and then end with such a great looking cake! Lol! I think you are a genius, the snake was a great idea! I too am baking challanged, I can do cookies and pies just fine but I'm pitiful at cakes and cupcakes, really pitiful! Thank goodness for Dunkin Doughnuts! I really enjoy your blog, take care!

Krista said...

Jake the Snake is adorable! In a creepy kind of way. He looks delicious. I love how he's rainbow in the inside. Real snakes would be so much more appealing if they were rainbow colored inside. I'm impressed you were able to ice him without him disintegrating. Icing is the hardest part I think.

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Very creative, would never have thought of a snake!