Sunday, April 17, 2011

I Won a Blog Makeover!

I want you all to know about a wonderful person named Sydney.
Sydney is a delightful web designer at Forever After Blog Designs.
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Sydney designs your blog or an element of your blog for donations to her favorite orginization called Reece's Rainbow, which is a ministry for special needs orphans.  Her fundraising efforts help support and bring these orphans home to the loving families waiting for them.
You can find more information about her services HERE.

Need a new header or background?
Need a new button or logo?
Need an Etsy banner?
Need a new look for your blog?

Sydney's your girl and I'll tell you why:

It all started somewhere in the wonderful UBP11, probably as I was having a nice cup of coffee, that I happened upon Sydney's blog and she was doing a giveaway for a free blog design with just a comment on her post.  The odds were really in my favor with Forever Blog Designs being a new blog and guess what -  I WON!  This was the prize I was looking to win from the party in the first place! 
I had been trying to design my own header and with my only resource being Microsoft Paint, I was doing okay (for someone that kind of knows what they're doing) but I felt like my options were really limited.  I needed someone with the know-how and the artistic and web-savvy ability to help me out and I feel like I was in the right place at the right time!
We e-mailed back and forth about what I wanted for my new look and she knew right where to go to get images for me to choose from and even took the time to find some suggested images based on what we already talked about.  Within a couple of days she had a test blog up complete with a new background and a new grab button for me to look at and I was able to give feedback right on the test page with what I liked and what I wanted to change.  This was really a great feature for me as I'm used to being the designer of my blog, it was hard to give up the reigns but being able to give feedback made me feel a little more in control of what was going on.
Then she had me invite her as an admin so she could apply the new additions and she had the changes up and ready within hours!  I couldn't believe how fast my new blog was getting done!  With a new background, header, navigation buttons, a new grab button, and a new font on my blog titles, I feel like a whole new me!  All these changes would have taken me a couple months to figure out and apply and it took her less than a week.  She really is a whiz at what she does!
The service was fast and efficient and Sydney really took the extra time to find out what I wanted and was able to find exactly what I was looking for.  It felt like a real personal experience even without having met her.  She was easy to work with and answered any questions I had even if they didn't specifically have to do with my blog design.  She is a plethera of good information just waiting to be shared!

The proof is here in the pudding - MY NEW BLOG!

I think it really speaks volumes for itself don't you?

Please do yourself a favor and pop on over to Forever After Blog Designs and see what she can do for you - even if you don't need a blog makeover. Sydney shares some really great tips on her blog for bloggers and anyone who surfs the web!  She just did a post last week about internet browsers and why she likes Google Chrome over Internet Explorer. 

I look forward to hearing more tips and tricks from Sydney and I hope you join me and follow her blog or find her on Facebook and Twitter!


Marisa said...

OH, it's awesome! Congrats! Love it! :)

Sydney said...

Wow! You are so nice to me! I love that you are so happy with your design, me, and my business! So many compliments! When sweet people like you are so thrilled with their new designs, that's what makes it worthwhile! Thanks so much, this is seriously the most flattering post ever!

{P.S: It looks really really nice!}

Sydney said...

Oh yeah ,and that post you mentioned about why I like Google Chrome better than Internet Explorer? It could probably be better described as me going off on a tangent about my hatred (along with ever other designer I know) for Internet Explorer! LOL.

Kathy said...

Congratulations on your beautiful "new" blog, it looks just great!

Project Life Blog Queen said...

I love your new design! Sydney did a great job. She's designing my blog too, I can't wait until it is finished. She is a wonderful lady.