Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday Shorts - One of My Favorite Mugs!

This is one of my newest favorite mugs, I got it this past Christmas from a friend who understands...

Have yourself a nice cuppa joe and a great Saturday! 

Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding - The Real Story!

Although I'm not really all that into the Royal Wedding, and I won't be waking up early to see what Kate Middleton is wearing, I do love a fairytale story..who wouldn't want to marry a prince?  Especially one so agile and obviously flexible!  Happy Day to the two lovebirds!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

MySpace is Killing me...

So I haven't been to MySpace since discovering scratch that - I admit, I still went to MySpace until shortly before I disovered Twitter really - what else did you use before Twitter? 

While I am still active on Facebook with people I actually know (except two people I have yet to meet) including family members, there is really no use for my MySpace account anymore - does anyone still use it?  Seems to be the ghost town of the internet. (besides my blog sometimes!)  MySpace was like the telegraph to the telephone of Facebook which would make Twitter in turn be high speed internet...just entirely skipping the dial-up era, because really, who wants to go through that again?

The reason I bring this up is not to make myself out to be the nerd that still has a MySpace account which I already have but because I have an issue with deleting my account. 

WHY you ask??  Don't get me wrong, I have no problem saying goodbye to my depleted friends list which dwindled to 42 while I was away - not that I can remember what it was 6ish years ago when I left.  I also have no problem figuring out how to delete my account - those instructions were pretty clear. 

My problem is that I want my videos off my page - which seem like a lifetime ago - and saved to my computer.  Some of these are of my kids when they were little, you know that young point where you ask yourself what they will be like at 6 and 9 (and BAM here we are!).  MySpace offers no options of obtaining your own material that I could find.  Admittedly, I didn't do much searching on there because after hitting the "options" button on the video numerous times only to make the video my favorite or share it to Facebook (to show everyone I'm the geek with the extinct, existing MySpace page), I ran out of patience with MySpace...which is probably why everyone else left it for another easier social media.

Now I'm as resouceful as the next guy and I Google whatever I need to learn and usually figure it out - I downloaded players that said they would easily put videos from MySpace to my computer but have failed to live up to their end of the bargain. 

Instead, I now have toolbars I don't want or need and other gadgets that they thought might help me live my daily life - including ADVERTISING on my home page and facebook page.  Thanks so much for delivering!  NOTSOMUCH!

Fortunately I am not entirely computer illiterate and know which programs to remove and how so I'm not stuck with all the bells and whistles.  Unfortunately though, I still have no videos saved to my computer. 

The original videos don't exist on my current computer and never did as they were put up from our old computer that has since crashed and we were unable to save anything so this is why it is important to me to have my videos back!

I have RealPlayer which SAYS it downloaded the four videos I wanted to save. I even show the icons for them on my desktop - they just don't play.  I am, after 24 hours of trying to figure this out, totally baffled, and almost at my wits end about getting my own videos back in my possession.  

So I'm asking for your help on how to accomplish this goal of getting my material back.  Anyone that knows anything, even just a clue or if you know someone that might be able to help, I would appreciate anything I can get right now.

I would like so desperately to be able to close my MySpace account - I just have to do this one last thing before I do....

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake!

So a couple weeks before Easter, I told you about Jake the Snake 
(the fact that I don't bake) and our little cake bake off/auction 
that we entered with Boyscouts.

As you will observe, it was a pretty steep competition!

Here are some of the other creative and delicious entries:

Not sure if they were going for the McDonald's Fry Guys here or the Sesame Street aliens that yup yup yup yup yup all over town - either way, it's a boatload of frosting!!


The winning cake was this inventive volcano cake complete 
with "smoke" and lava!

It definitely caught all the oooos and aahhhhs at the show from all the boys and parents alike!

52 Weeks of Happiness - Week 8

Week eight already?
This is a picture of four generations - my grandmother who turned 90 in January, my mom, me and my daughter...

I hope to be able to catch another one or two of these while I still can!
My son took this, pretty good I think.
Gotta love Maxine up there on the back of the couch!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday Shorts - Stepping Back in Time

I found some vintage Easter pictures from years gone by!
I hope you enjoy stepping back in time with many hats!

The first three pictures are of my father's family and the last is my mother's family.  I wonder what ever happened to the whole Easter Hat idea...they all looked great in theirs!  I love looking at these and hope you did too!


Friday, April 22, 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

10 Things - I would rather

10 Things I would rather be doing than laundry:

  1. Drinking Coffee
  2. Playing Piano
  3. Blogging
  4. Reading
  5. Taking a bubble bath
  6. Flying in a plane to some exotic and/or foreign place
  7. Skydiving
  8. Working Out
  9. Checking my bank statement
  10. Talking on the phone (and I completely loathe talking on the phone!)

Locks Of Love - Mother/Daughter Style!

Today I was finally able to present my daughter with this certificate:

Over Spring Break, she and I both went in and got 
our hair cut for Locks of Love.

My braid was a foot long!
Hers was almost 10 inches.  

I wasn't planning on having her donating her hair but when she saw me get mine lopped off, it was important for her to do the same thing.  I was proud of her being only 6!

Her braid almost measured 10 inches, I hope they are able to use it anyway!

Wow my hair was really long!  I think I miss it a little!
(Especially in process of doing my new 'Do which takes a bit more effort!)

It also took me almost 3 weeks to send it in.
I think I may have been having separation issues.

My husband wanted to glue it back on.
He's never seen my hair this short...
Once he gets used to the fact that I didn't do this for him, 
I think he'll get over it soon enough.

I'm glad that I was able to donate something meaningful other than money!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

52 Weeks of Happiness - Week 7

Welcome to another week of HAPPINESS!

Just a little something I thought I lost forever,
I was happy to know one of my favorite of all time pictures still exists....

From back in the day when she started loving rocks.  As long as she had the pacifier we could trust her not to put them in her mouth...

Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Slimdown for Summer - Fitness Challenge

Today starts week three in my 8 week journey on the Slimdown for Summer Fitness Challenge over at Fun On a Dime.  I joined a gym last month before this started (3/23) - for that, this is the end of my week four as Wednesday will start my week five and so far I have done 14 classes in 26 days and even been on the DREADED TREADMILL a handful of times - without having been talked into it even.  I can't say I love working out but it definitely makes me feel better.

I am measuring all of the appropriate places and in the first four weeks have disposed of over 2 inches  - the only place I put on inches was on my calves so I'm okay with that.  I will have a table with measurements by the next time I measure - which is every four weeks.

I have lost 8 pounds and gained 4 back!**  I blame the recent birthday parties and lack of outdoor activities due to weather and hope that the gain is due to muscle.. (I seriously doubt it after the ice cream and homemade birthday cakes but one can HOPE!)  

I must say I have been disappointed with my first two weeks in the Slim Down for Summer challenge as all of the above does not even count as it's not based on pounds or inches lost..  This challenge gives points for the following:
  • 64oz. water daily
  • Exercise (5x week max)
  • No sugar (our own interpretation based on diet/nutrition)
  • 6+ hours of sleep a night
  • No eating after 8pm
  • Various bonus points each week 

The thing that's really killing me is the water (and the sugar the past couple weeks!)  Out of 45 possible points - week one was 28 and week two was 32.  Boo!  I do like the accountability part of it and as I've said, I'm not really in it to win it but to feel better about myself and I already do.  We have been going through water more than usual as the kids are trying to keep up with my water intake.

I am for the most part, sticking to a low(er) carb diet during the week and allowing myself maybe a little too much indulgence on the weekends.  I plan to modify that this week and make it into a better habit. 

I am slowly getting into the habit of exercising 3 - 5x a week and I was already starting the habit of not eating after 8pm - 7:56 you will find me getting my last snack on some nights but I have not been a late-night snacker in about 6 weeks. Sleep is not a problem for me now that I can "sleep in" till 7am to get the kids off to school.  When I worked, I was up by 5am which would not have been great sleeping conditions.

Overall, I would say I'm doing OKAY on the Slimdown for Summer and would like to give you a better report next time I check-in.  There is a weekly check-in on Fun on a Dime but I will only post every other Monday and report two weeks at a time.  Bonus points for this week are for 96oz. of water!  UUGGH!

**Please note: This weight loss happened in first the month I was at the gym, not in the first two weeks of the challenge.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I Won a Blog Makeover!

I want you all to know about a wonderful person named Sydney.
Sydney is a delightful web designer at Forever After Blog Designs.
 (click to find her full story)


Sydney designs your blog or an element of your blog for donations to her favorite orginization called Reece's Rainbow, which is a ministry for special needs orphans.  Her fundraising efforts help support and bring these orphans home to the loving families waiting for them.
You can find more information about her services HERE.

Need a new header or background?
Need a new button or logo?
Need an Etsy banner?
Need a new look for your blog?

Sydney's your girl and I'll tell you why:

It all started somewhere in the wonderful UBP11, probably as I was having a nice cup of coffee, that I happened upon Sydney's blog and she was doing a giveaway for a free blog design with just a comment on her post.  The odds were really in my favor with Forever Blog Designs being a new blog and guess what -  I WON!  This was the prize I was looking to win from the party in the first place! 
I had been trying to design my own header and with my only resource being Microsoft Paint, I was doing okay (for someone that kind of knows what they're doing) but I felt like my options were really limited.  I needed someone with the know-how and the artistic and web-savvy ability to help me out and I feel like I was in the right place at the right time!
We e-mailed back and forth about what I wanted for my new look and she knew right where to go to get images for me to choose from and even took the time to find some suggested images based on what we already talked about.  Within a couple of days she had a test blog up complete with a new background and a new grab button for me to look at and I was able to give feedback right on the test page with what I liked and what I wanted to change.  This was really a great feature for me as I'm used to being the designer of my blog, it was hard to give up the reigns but being able to give feedback made me feel a little more in control of what was going on.
Then she had me invite her as an admin so she could apply the new additions and she had the changes up and ready within hours!  I couldn't believe how fast my new blog was getting done!  With a new background, header, navigation buttons, a new grab button, and a new font on my blog titles, I feel like a whole new me!  All these changes would have taken me a couple months to figure out and apply and it took her less than a week.  She really is a whiz at what she does!
The service was fast and efficient and Sydney really took the extra time to find out what I wanted and was able to find exactly what I was looking for.  It felt like a real personal experience even without having met her.  She was easy to work with and answered any questions I had even if they didn't specifically have to do with my blog design.  She is a plethera of good information just waiting to be shared!

The proof is here in the pudding - MY NEW BLOG!

I think it really speaks volumes for itself don't you?

Please do yourself a favor and pop on over to Forever After Blog Designs and see what she can do for you - even if you don't need a blog makeover. Sydney shares some really great tips on her blog for bloggers and anyone who surfs the web!  She just did a post last week about internet browsers and why she likes Google Chrome over Internet Explorer. 

I look forward to hearing more tips and tricks from Sydney and I hope you join me and follow her blog or find her on Facebook and Twitter!