Monday, March 28, 2011

Working It!

This morning starts my first full week at the gym and working out.
I admit I haven't worked out in more than a year and gained weight back that I lost this time last year in - What a Difference a Year Makes. Getting back up over 150 told me it was time. Well, that and the fact that I have grown out of all my jeans and refuse to buy any that fit right now. I signed up last Wednesday, did a double dose of classes and was sore til Saturday if that tells you anything.

I decided to get a 3 month membership as they were running a special including an hour personal training session, 2 tanning sessions and the one I'm most excited about - a half hour massage! I get most of the classes for free so I am trying them all getting a double dose this morning of Tone and Tighten and Ab Blast. They run more than 10 classes a week and my goal in the 3 months is to have at least 60 classes under my belt. Considering I have been sitting on my fatass butt for the last month since losing my job, this will be a complete change of pace for me. My sister has been going to this gym for a couple of years and trying to talk me into it pretty much since. (She also talked me into the treadmill - which I despise - after a Zumba class on Saturday.) If you are in the NWI area, this is located in Lowell and called Fitness Edge.

I'm sure you will hear endorsements from me later, especially if I'm having a good time!

My personal training session is not until next Monday April 4 so I expect to have a list of goals at that time and begin to hit it hard. This week, I am trying out the classes to see which are my favorite and not worrying too much about my diet as the kids are on Spring Break. (Part of our plans include Albanese Candy Factory - home to the World's Best Gummies!) I have not been eating after 8pm or drinking soda for almost a month now and already see a little weight loss.

My plan is to go low carb again since it works best for me out of the diets I have tried, which believe me is plenty! I hope this too is like riding a bike and I am able to get right back into shrinking instead of widening! If you are beginning a workout routine, or already into one, let me know so I have some buddies. I also plan to look in the next week for a weightloss blogging group so if you know of a good one, let me in on it!

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Kate said...

Thanks for stopping by! I'm just getting back into the "swing" of going to the gym myself. Maybe we can help keep each other motivated! Love the cute haircut and bangs :)