Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Like Riding a Bike?

So it's been over six months since I have been an active blogger.
Bad bad blogger that I am...
I have a million excuses and reasons why I haven't been here including my job, my family and my own doubts about people wanting to hear about my life and whether my blog needed a theme and all the other blah blitty blahs about whatever the rules of blogging are.

Who cares what's going on in my life? You've all got lives of your own to contend with and nurture.

I have in the last six months been to France in Paris and Southern Burgundy, had a great skydiving experience which I plan to duplicate this year and celebrated my grandmother's 90th birthday, all of which I would really like to record and share.

I have in the last two weeks, been let go from my job and feel like blogging is calling me back. I want to do this and document things for my own sake and that of my children that I brag about more often than I need to - they are what this is really about anyway. I feel really good about being jobless and being able to spend the time with my kids, they couldn't be happier - setting me up with all the school jobs ie. lunch lady, teacher and busdriver.

I am hoping that getting back into the swing of blogging is like riding a bike and I can just get back on and go just like that.. although I have a feeling it will be more of an ease into a cold pool..either way I plan to enjoy every minute!

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