Saturday, March 26, 2011

Earth Hour 2011

In case this is the first you've heard of it, Earth Hour started by the WWF in 2007 and has spread from one country to worldwide in 4 years having over 4600 cities and towns participate including Chicago.

We participated in Earth Hour 2009, Earth Hour 2010 and again this year for Earth Hour 2011 - every year the kids get more into it and the hour passes by quicker and quicker. This year dad was home from work and was able to take part! He brought some fun things home from Cabela's to pass the time..

(There is a child under that turkey!)

Even the cat joined in on the fun!


In case you were wondering, turkey calls are more fun in the dark.
This year will be one we won't forget - we could have had a fire!
We normally all stay in the same area or floor of the house so all candles are in sight and one is in the bathroom in case someone should need to go. Of course my daughter was the unintentional culprit as the toilet paper was not on the roll holder, and as she was putting it back on the sink the end grazed the candle and instantly started the paper on fire. It was on the floor when we walked in and I just put it in the sink - crisis averted, thankfully nobody hurt. I did gently remind my lovely that if she had put the TP on the holder, this would have been avoided. Maybe I won't be the only soul in the house that does it anymore - nope that's wishful thinking huh?

Note for next year: fireless candles at least for the bathroom!


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Philip Verghese'Ariel' said...

Nice to be here, good videos, and good note about the important event, this year's Earth Hour initiative is go beyond the hour, yet we need to practice this as often as we can. I have a post on that day on this line, her is the link pl do have a look.
Good to join in,,
Thanks for sharing
best philip