Wednesday, June 2, 2010


One week ago tonight, I was driving home from the GLEE LIVE Concert
and let me tell you,
these kids are SO talented it is UNreal - and I plan to give you the play by play!

First I must give a BIG THANK YOU to DOVE HAIR CARE for putting on this awesome GLEE FOR ALL - the tickets were awesome - and to my lucky stars for somehow aligning and having ME win - seriously. I just started to win stuff recently and when I talk about it, it's only because I am amazed..I consider myself truly lucky - and I think by believing that, I am attracting more luck, try it sometime...

I have to tell you
about the opening act,
The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers

They are NOT kidding!!
Please do yourself a favor
and check these guys out!


They display a whole new side of dancing I could never have imagined including roundhouse kicks three feet in the air and yes, you recognize
Elliot Hoo from GLEE
as known by Sue Sylvester as "Asian kid".

Third, I feel the need to comment about what a diverse crowd GLEE attracts.
I think every walk of life was there, younger kids with chapperones, junior high girls in casts, gay boys, (insert my date and I between here) middle aged ladies night outers, couples, band geeks, music majors, families with kinda moping dads who probably enjoyed the whole show, guys in suits and ties, older folks and of course the Drake and Josh wannabes that happened to be sitting in front of us!

There was an intermission after The LXD and pretty soon multiple Cheerios came into the theater which excited the crowd. They took pictures with people for a few minutes and passed out what looked like barf bags..then Sue, in her tracksuit, came on the big screen to offer these special Sue Sylvester barf bags - in case the nausea insued by the Gleeclub provoked anyone to use them, you know, just in case..and so the show began!

Sorry I didn't grab one of those souvenirs...

The crowd was on their feet the entire show, it was intense the entire way and so full of energy and ethusiasm that just oozed out around every turn! Who wanted to sit with all that FUN?? You can just tell these kids completely enjoy what they are doing - it's really quality stuff and the live show was more amazing than any episode you could imagine! I was almost afraid for a minute that the live show would not compare when it really is the other way around!

Rundown of Characters...

SUE AND SHU: Even though they weren't physically in the theater, they did appear on the big screen and were part of the show periodically, Mr. Schuester directing solos with Sue mocking his hair and cutting GLEE in her usual tactful lovliness.

PUCK: Really plays guitar, came out into the crowd for Sweet Caroline and rocked The Lady is a Tramp. Did I tell you how delicious he is? Did I say that out loud?
FINN: Rocked the drums on a couple songs and led the group in his usual fashion.
KURT: Did Defying Gravity but no Beyonce - they did a couple moves from the dance but that was all...wah! I realize the group doesn't actually sing that song, but still..
ARTIE: Rocked his parts however I missed his Safety Dance solo - I really figured he would want to be a dancing part of the show but alas, he was confined to the chair for its entirety.
RACHEL: Came out into the crowd for Don't Rain on My Parade which was a real thrill! Her voice gives me chills just thinking about it!
QUINN: Seems to be in the shadows, I notice this on the show lately too.
MERCEDES: Had her solo Bust Your Windows and did The Boy is Mine with Santana - those girls can really belt one out!
SANTANA: Did Mercedes' part in the Gaga number which kicked ass, she needs more solos, seriously what a powerhouse!
BRITTANY: Was about the hardest worker and definitely the most incredible dancer. After the Jump number, she came out in her boy Pj's from behind the curtain to talk to Kurt, reminding him of when they made out and how she loves his soft hands. I think she has become my second favorite character with her blonde one liners and I hope those turn into more humor from her, she plays that part so well!


If you saw that episode with the ad for the bed store, it was that with trampolines!


I really could go on and on! I can't get enough GLEE and am becoming a bigger GLEEK with every new experience with this extraordinarily talented group.

Not about the show itself, but the tickets specifically stated:


And being a middleaged ladies night outer, I followed the rules...

Here's one of two incredible (note the sarcasm please) pics I got with my phone. The other is the top pic of the big screen during intermission. Nobody inforced the no camera rule, they should have noted that on the ticket damnit. I am disappointed in myself for not being a rebel I once would have sneaking stuff in to the can kinda tell who they are though right??


The Caffeinated Globe said...

The post about "Trendy Blog Award" is up. See for yourself:

Again, thanks for passing along this award to us.

January Asia & Steven Hui

From the Kitchen said...

While finishing up my pot of Intelligentsia coffee this morning, I came across your blog. How could I resist "Coffee Lovin Mom"? A friend of mine accompanied her daughter to GLEE and loved it! Alas, my children are grown up and away. However, do I really need an excuse?

Hope the storms don't spoil your day. I did manage to get to the opening of our farmers' market before the deluge this morning.

I, too, LOVE Chicago!


Dawn said...

I came over to read your post-its... but when I saw Glee I had to jump over to this post!
I'm such a GLEEk!
I'm SOOOO jealous that you got to see them live!

Carl said...

Amy... I had a great time at the concert with you! I really do need to read your blogs more often, you are great at this!

BTW... my best Britney moment of the show when she first came out in her PJ's... Who are all these People?...

Thanks again! Love you!