Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kids and Their Baby Teeth

Why is it that kids are so attached to their baby teeth?
I can remember when my son was in kindergarten and his teeth started getting loose..
He didn't want them to come out - they were in there till the last possible minute.

Now my daughter is in kindergarten and both of her bottom teeth are loose, the new ones are coming in. I mean they are coming half way already. I have been calling her my sharkchild because she has two rows of teeth at this point.

She is holding onto these baby teeth for dear life people...I don't get it.
They are getting really loose and the one looks like it is literally hanging on by a string - it is twisted and just about laying on its side - and all she will let me do is stick my pinky in there to see how loose it is. I keep telling her all she has to do is grab it out of there and she cries and cries about how scared she is that it will come out!

My husband and I have both tried to grab it while we are "checking" to see how loose it is and she can sense it before we make the move..
We have tried coaxing her with the tooth fairy money and as much as she wants the cash, the tooth prevails.

I have suggested that she grab it out of there real quick and I know she wants to, she says she wants it out of there, she is just so scared. Scared it's gonna hurt, scared it will bleed, scared to the point of just crying over it. And crying.

I told her that everyone has a loose tooth story and everyone was scared but we all lived through it. She acts as if it will be the death of her..oh the drama of it all!

I am half tempted to go up there right now and just yank it out while she is asleep but before I do, I must tell you my loose tooth story since you are still reading and I would like to hear some good ones from you as well..I know everyone has one, here's mine:

I am thinking I had to be a little bit older than kindergarten because it was not my first loose tooth. My parents had the same conversation with little me about just grabbing it out of there like we have had with her a bajillion times.

So my dad decided to use a little reverse psychobabble and asked me:
"If you were to grab it out of there, how would you do it?"

I demonstrated how I would get hold of that puppy...

"Do you have a good hold on it now?"

"Uh huh"

At this point, my dad slaps my hand away from my mouth...the tooth goes with (as I had a really good hold on it) and flies across the room!

My father is proud of this story and as much as he would like it to be about a string and a doorknob, this one is almost as good.

My daughter does not go near my father very often at this point in her life...


Cheryl D. said...

I was so not prepared for how I would feel when my daughter lost her first tooth. Like your daughter, her tooth was barely hanging on. When I picked her up from school later that day, the first thing I noticed was that my daughter was wearing this big, plastic tooth necklace. I guess the kindergarten teacher gives them to kids when they loose a tooth at school (the tooth actually fits inside the plastic tooth). I was on an utter high! I never thought I would be so giddy over something like that! It was really funny.

KLZ said...

Oh my goodness. That story is slaptacular.

I have to say, I still remember being sad about losing the first tooth. I knew it was the end of an era. But after the first one it was no big deal.

Over from Meetup Monday.

Tasha Lehman said...

My oldest had the exact same problem with the double row teeth for awhile. We called him Shark boy. LOL We got the loose ones out by giving him a caramel apple. :) Good luck!