Sunday, April 11, 2010

Something I Just Tried

So a couple of friends came over on Friday who are always trying new drinks and introduced me to this this raspberry beer called FRAMBOISE. It is a beer from Belgium that comes in a wine bottle. (?)

*Curiosity Perked*

I am NOT a beer drinker in the least and was hesitant to try it but when we popped it open, the aroma was heavenly!

The first taste with the tangy raspberry flavor was also a surprise as I was expecting it to taste like beer.
It did not.
I know it looks like a wine bottle, it looks like wine in color yet it had a nice carbonation and sweet smelling foam on top which gave it the beer effect. It kind of tasted like wine but you could taste a hint of lager and with the carbonation was again giving it the beer effect.

I kept asking - are you sure this is BEER??

I took a picture of the label to remind myself that is was, in fact, beer (and for my husband to see what he can get that I will actually DRINK).

Tastiest "beer" I've ever had and an added bonus (depending on who you are) it was higher in alcohol content than your typical beer.

Although I am not a frequent or heavy drinker, I could have polished off that whole bottle by myself without much effort. Do yourself a favor if you have a chance and try this beer, in a wine bottle, called Framboise.

You will not regret it!

Well, maybe - the next morning..
If you polish off the bottle with little effort..


mama2lilev said...

I am headed to the liquor store right now! Oh wait it is Sunday! Well 10am Monday morning, I will be at the store beating on the windows "Let me in or the Framboise out, whichever I don't care"! Thanks

gamommy2two said...

Oooh that sounds like a great drink! I may just have to try it out!

Jackie said...

Agreed. This is one of the best.things.ever. I have fond, if not fuzzy, memories of study abroad in France & this stuff. Mmmm.

Shamrocks and Shenanigans said...

We have TONS of this beer, one because it is awesome, and two because it have our last name on it and we like to think we own anything with that name on it (wouldnt that be nice?)
Shamrocks and Shenanigans

sassyblondebitch said...

Going to get some of this for the weekend! Thanks for sharing!

Lizz said...

You also need to try Wider's Pear Cider! So delicious! And if you add a splash of Chambord, it tastes like Kool Aid for grownups!