Thursday, April 8, 2010


NO, really SERIOUSLY??

Ok so in a couple earlier posts, I talked about my son's issues with school and multiplication and my Meeting the Teacher.

Long story short, after discussing Attention Deficit Disorder and Anxiety, the teacher suggested and I agreed to move my son from the third grade math group he was in to the second grade (which IS the grade he is attending)math group to alleviate his stress about multiplication. Which in my mind would not only help his self-esteem but also reduce other classroom problems he has been experiencing.

This meeting was on March 23 just before the kids went on Spring Break. So it was understood that he would be put in the second grade math group once they got back after Easter this past Tuesday.

, I get a note from his teacher saying that upon talking with the other teachers, THEY decided to keep in him the third grade math group.


Excuse me? Isn't this something we agreed on? Didn't you tell DAVID that he wouldn't have to do multiplication??

I responded questioning the reason - shouldn't there be a good reason?

How was this a good idea a week and a half ago and upon talking to the other teachers suddenly it's not?


How is it that I have had NO say in this decision?

How is this in the best interest of my child?

How are you going to tell an 8 year old he won't have to do the stress-filled multiplication tables and then re-nig on the deal??

Needless to say I plan to meet with the teacher for meeting #2 the saga continues...REMIND ME TO BREATHE!!!


Stefanie said...

Breathe. Been there. Done that. You are in charge. Demand that they honor their word. And. You are so right. Seriously.

Susan said...

As someone who has fought long & hard for accommodations from various school districts over the years I want to give you the best advice I've got:

Put EVERYTHING in writing.

You'd be surprised how this changes things. Write a letter to the teacher that includes a recap of your meeting, the rationale for moving David to the second grade math group, and end by asking they honor the agreement you reached at the meeting. CC it to the principal (& the superintendent, if necessary) and make sure you send it certified mail so they have to sign for it. It'll scare the crap out of them. Works like a charm, m'dear.

Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

How annoying! Ugh.

I don't understand teachers sometimes. They told Jake and his whole kindergarten class that they were having a field trip to the zoo. LINCOLN PARK ZOO. In kindergarten. I'm livid first that they would take 40 six-year-olds that far and second that they told the kids BEFORE the parents. So WE are the bad guys when we say no, you can't go.

CoffeeLovinMom said...

Thanks Stefanie!
Susan I understand why you home schooled for a number of years..don't know how you did!
Kim, we will get through this Tri-Creek problem together! Did you find out what level Q is?

Barefoot with Children said...

Beyond frustrating. I get that they are teachers and they have some ideas what is best, but I believe parents should be team players in their child's education and YOUR opinion matters

Annie said...

I hope the second meeting was a good one...can't wait to read that post! Thanks for visiting my blog...I'll be keeping tabs on yours, our kids are similar ages. Have a great week...

Dayngr | Dayngrous Discourse said...

No, no, no... you do what is best for your child and make sure the school follows through. (See my Chesterbrook Academy post)

Every single time you speak to your children's teachers - follow up in writing reiterating what you discussed. It you can email it and send yourself a copy - awesome. Always keep a copy of everything for yourself and write down dates and times too. Trust me, this helps if a problem arises after the fact.

Keep us posted.