Monday, April 5, 2010

Plop, plop - Fizz, fizz

As I was trying to fall asleep Sunday night, thinking about having to go back to work and wondering if my sauerkraut filled stomach would be affected by me laying down, I thought about the way the commercial industry has completely changed since I was young. Gone are the days of advertising OTC (over the counter) anything now that we can sell you prescription drugs!

Plop, plop - Fizz, fizz

If you are from any other generation than this, you know that commercial for Alka-Seltzer. Gone are the days of a bicarbonate of soda like Archie Bunker used to ask Edith for now that we can sell you tagamet and pepcid. Why be satisfied with just an old fashioned BELCH when you can have relief for 24 hours?

Think about it, other than your fast food commercials and toy crap, there isn't much for commercials on the old standby over the counter good clean stuff. When was the last time you saw a Doublemint commerical? Or RICOLA? Maybe they won't even show the Countrytime Lemonade commercials this year, I will have to pay attention.

I must share my ultimate memory of this Easter sitting with my dad watching a commercial for Cialis! We both sat in complete silence..the most uncomfortable minute of the day. Thanks Lilly, great commerical!

It's important to understand and learn the seriousness of priapism with my dear old dad, don't you think? Can't wait to see this one or one like it with one of the kids. You would think, on Easter in the middle of the day, they would have more sense to show this kind of commercial. I couldn't even tell you what show we were watching, probably The Andy Griffith Show.

This flooding of commercials for erectile dysfunction and depression must be working for an entire generation which means more people are using these than ever! Nevermind the half of the commercial which requires them to talk about the side effects. My children if exposed to these commercials will think they 'need' them just like they 'need' the new happymeal toy at McDonald's or they 'need' to go to www dot something everytime they are shown a website on TV.

Bring back the Doublemint Twins! PLEASE!


Susan said...

And now, I shall be happy all day long, because you used the words "priapism" "Easter" & "Andy Griffith" in the same paragraph.

Apropos of nothing, Ricola makes bitchin' cough drops.

Dawna said...

And you know... as if the things you mentioned are not bad enough? They now have commercials for condoms (if I recall correctly) and personal lubricants...

I couldn't believe it the first time I saw them. And it wasn't long before I was a kid that Ricky and Lucy couldn't even be thought to sleep in the same bed. *gasp* Shudder at the thought.

"Progress" isn't always a positive thing. At least not to my way of thinking.

Carri said...

I remember being younger and feeling so uncomfortable when a tampon commercial would come on. That's nothing compared to condoms and lubricants and whatever else they're airing these days!
Holy crap. I sound like my parents.

Sarah said...

Commercials for condoms and lubricant are pretty crappy... especially during sports shows that we're trying to watch with our kids. The other day I saw a commercial for a vibrator. WHAT?! Is that actually necessary?!
I definitely miss the Doublemint Twins!

Kindred Adventures said...

Everything is so much different then when we grew up. So much filtering we have to do and guard our kids from the flow of so much information. Everybody guards their words andis overly sensitive to everything. Everything has to be politically correct. Things and times are certainly different. Funny though that our parents probably thought the same thing when computers, atari, HBO and VCRs came out. -Laverne visiting from Sunday Funday