Monday, April 12, 2010

My New Header

Over the weekend, I recieved quite a few comments of people liking my old header that had a circa 50's mom pouring a pot of coffee and said:

"How about a nice steaming cup of Shut the F**k Up"

Now, although I did love it, I think people mistook it as my actual blog name! Also with all the fellow bloggers coming in from the party, I think I may have offended a few viewers...

This past Saturday I put up my 'Saturday Shorts' mentioning being in my coffee pants and someone asked about them. They happen to be THE BEST Christmas gift I got this year and of course I got them myself when I was doing other Christmas shopping!


They are the softest comfy pants I own and worn most often - unless, of course they are in the laundry. I seriously wear them almost instantly upon walking in the door from work - no joke!

I normally have a 3 day weekend which starts the comfy pants Thursday when I come home and if we have nowhere to go for the weekend, they stay on until Sunday.

My husband has asked on occasion if they have grown legs - I guess maybe I'm in them too much, but they really are SO very comfy!

So I kind of explained the coffee pants on a reply to my friend and said maybe next time I would take picures. As I started taking pictures, I realized what a great pattern the pants have..they are colorful, full of coffee cups and have a great (and one of my favorite statuses) saying on them - NEED COFFEE!

The rest just kind of fell into place. After I was silently laughed at by - man I need a nickname for him other than -> "my husband" for taking pictures of my pants:

Him: "Are you really taking pictures of your pants?"
Me: "I really am."
Him: "Can I ask why?"
Me: "I need a new header."
Him: "Ohhhhhh" uncontrolledsilentlaughingbehindmyback
This mainly because he does not know a header from a boner obviously thinks my pants are hilarious!

I figured out my picture program and came up with a new header - and I must say I am pretty proud! I hope you enjoy it as much as the old you are in the know!


Susie B. Homemaker said...

I'm going to miss the old header. :( It made me LOL the first time I read it! :D The new one is cute tho' & does of course fit your theme. :)

jackie said...

I really like the old header, but this one is cool too!

K Pugliano said...

Wish I saw the old header- I laughed anyway! :)

So glad I found your blog through UPB!

According to the beep on the machine, coffee is ready and I really need some. Up waaaaaay too early!

PS: My "comfy" pants have snowflakes. Not as much fun as coffee...

Latté Mama said...

Gotta say, I'm one of the your followers that loved your old header, I just kept laughing! But I like the story of your hubby wondering what the heck is wrong with you taking pics of your pants :)

Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

You know you are a blogger take a picture of comfy pants and turn them into a header.


I was the one who asked about the coffee pants!