Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Cat in the Hat Came Back!

As you can read in an earlier post - One Down, One to Go - you will find that our cat went missing on Monday afternoon. My son David who is 8 suggested that we make posters and put them up around the neighborhood so people knew what to look for. Suddenly the realization that I had NO pictures that could identify the poor little bugga made me feel like a bad catmom...

So here he is for the next time he gets out which is bound to happen!

~The Poor Little Bugga~
~Dweezil The Cat~

My husband had gone up to a couple of businesses we are close to and let them know we were looking for a black cat. Apparently the one guy had some kind of animal in the garage a couple days later and borrowed a 'live' trap from a friend to catch the poor little bugga..

Saturday, he called us to say he thought he had our cat and sure enough it was him! So now he is home, safe and sound, for the time being - although meowing past annoyance at this point..poor little bugga musta been lonely!

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Barefoot With Children said...

We had no pics of my moms first cat- so when the second one came along we snapped TONS of picture- mostly in funny situations so we could submit them to I can has cheezburgers :)