Friday, April 30, 2010

10 Things I Could Have Named My Blog

So now that my blog is officially a big two whopping months old, and I've had time to look at some other blogs and their creative names, I am not entirely sure I picked the right name for mine. I really love coffee don't get me wrong..when my 8 year old saw my blog, he said it was a perfect name for me. I just feel like if I actually sat down and thought about it, I would have came up with something a little more creative like:

1. Oh for the Love of Coffee!
Obvious reasons on this one...

2. Why Oh Why Can't I?

I do love the Wizard of OZ being my favorite movie and playing one of the lollypop guild in the play in high school..

3. Do I Have to be a Mom Today?
I have those days where I can't even handle my own challenges during the day, let alone those of my children..

4. Can I Just Get 5 Minutes?
I find myself asking this question a lot around here...

5. Just Moving the Dirt Around
Really, that is my job here..

6. What's That Smell?
This already belongs to a friend I went to gradeschool with named Kim. She's a great mommy blogger, does lots of giveaways on her blog and got me into doing it..THANKS KIM!

7. Little House On Prairie
Seriously my all time favorite show and my first book series I ever read. I intentionally took the 'the' out because I actually live on a street called Prairie!

8. Forever Sorting Socks
Well isn't this something everyone can relate to? This is by far my least favorite job in the house..I think I have some waiting for me in the dryer as I write this..

9. Desperately Seeking Sanity
This is another one already taken (and quite entertaining) but seriously, aren't we all seeking sanity?

10. The Coffee's Always ON!

I think maybe if I ever go to a wordpress blog and buy my own domain, I may just do this the meantime, I plan to put it in my header because it is so true - anytime of the day you could walk into my house and there be a pot of coffee going. Not because I'm expecting anyone, just because I truly love coffee and have to have it near me day and night. It is almost 11pm as I write this and there is a pot on right now which when I'm done here I will go finish..

Yeah hello I'm is calling me!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I Believe I Can Fly

So my daughter comes in from outside this evening singing this song to the tune of "I Believe I Can Fly"
only she sings it "I Can't Believe.."
After the crapola week I have had this week at work, it really made me chuckle - I hope it does the same for you!

She claims not to know what a FEES-A-FYE is....
I know I am gonna have this song in my head for awhile!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Post-It Note Tuesday

YAY for another addition of Post-It Tuesday hosted by SupahMommy!

Worst day at work yesterday in a long time - maybe ever!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday Shorts - Holy Chocolate!

Today I sit in my 'old grey shorts that ain't what they used to be' giving you the latest and greatest in Saturday Shorts:


Needless to say, the kids were buzzing on chocolate after this visit to the Hershey Store in downtown Chicago!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What a Difference a Year Makes

Although this is not a weight-loss blog, I feel the need to share my story.
Not much to the story other than I saw the scales tipping up into the 170 range and at 5 foot barely an inch, that was not good. I felt like my clothes were either too tight or just a cover-up of the pounds I was trying to hide. I had not been up this high in weight since being pregnant with my children. I knew it would be just a matter of time until I started having health problems and that something needed to be done. I decided to do something about it and started walking to work 3 times a week which is .75 miles each way, eating a low carb (when I could) diet and cutting out sugar almost completely.

These pictures were taken a year apart in February of '09 and '10.

There were a ton of salads and protein involved but the end result was worth it. It took me about 6 - 8 months to lose 40 pounds - I went from a size 12 - 14 to a size 6 - 8 (8's are actually big) and even though I have gained 5 pounds, people continue to tell me that I look like I've lost more weight. That's more like it! I tell people it must be moving to the right places because I am not losing at the moment. I am currently at 135 and know if I put my mind to it, I can lose those last 15 pounds.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Post-It Note Tuesday

Another fun addition of Post-It Note Tuesday hosted by SupahMommy! Come join in on the fun!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cat in the Hat Shows Up in Chicago!?

I saw this video on my Yahoo browser tonight and thought it could be my cat's brother! My cat just got back last week (Read Cat in The Hat Came Back, my earlier post about Dweezil the Cat) from a trap in someone's garage. Thank goodness it was just up the road.

Maybe this is something we should invest in...hmm

Saturday Shorts

Bottom half of Happy Meal box (actual hat)

Although I am sitting in on coffee pants again this week (of course) here's another addition of Saturday Shorts. My kids are really good at sharing! (most of the time)

Top half of box (not actual hat)

UBP10 Afterparty

What a crazy ride this party has been!
So many blogs, so little time!

I am so grateful for this opportunity to share with you three blogs that I found this last week through the Ultimate Blog Party 2010! There were so many that I loved, it was very hard to narrow it down to just three but here are the ones that somehow I keep finding myself going back to...

Ann has a cute site and hosts her own Virtual Girls Night Out. She also had an extra McLinky that went along with UBP this year to connect more people which was a nice touch. Thanks Ann - I met people through that that I would not have seen otherwise.


Susie Toot-Tooted her way through the UBP and has a great site! I find myself going back there often as she seems like a very sweet soul!

Kellys Buttonws

I just had to include my Irish trio! All spunky Irish gals, these ladies will crack you up! I think I was drawn to them due to the greeness and luckiness of their blogs being that I am a spunky Irish gal myself and my birthday is Saint Patrick's Day!

Love that Libby is a great brand new blogger (like me!) and she loves coffee! I might have had her blog name if I would have thought of it first! I can't wait to find out what else we have in common!

A BIG thanks again to 5 Minutes for Mom for putting this shindig on! What a great way to make connections and network with other bloggers who have something in common with you! I went from 14 to 50 followers and am now reading over 100 blogs! Sorry I couldn't narrow it down to just three! This week was exhausting but so fulfilling! What a ride!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Taxman Cometh

I mailed my taxes in today.

Did I actually admit that on live bloggage?
Yes I am ashamed..I have never waited this long to send in our taxes - EVER!

Let me explain.

Normally I have my refund by mid-March so I can celebrate my birthday in style, and have been doing them myself for the past few years on Turbo Tax. This year there were a couple complications - one being that we moved the end of '08 here to po-dunk out of Illinois but we both still work there, two being that I got a bonus this year (THANK YOU JOB!) that was never taxed.

Long story short, my boss had me doing company payroll in Quickbooks at the time of the bonus and I just effed it up. Period. By the end of '09, we realized that saving money by not paying a payroll service was costing us more money because Amy didn't know the new tax rules they came up with everyday and just effed it up. Let me just say I am SO glad we are a small company!

So we hired the payroll service back.

Fast forward to W2 time and realizing that they didn't include my bonus so it looked like I wasn't claming it. All they had to do was send an amended one, right? Sounds eazy peazy..not so much..

Let's see, the first month of this dilemma, the payroll service claimed that this was my own fault - of course I signed something when we went back with them - and that they were trying to waive a fee in order to get this done.

The next excuse was that it was busy during the 15th and 30th of the month - you believe that?

The last time I talked to the guy, whose name happens to be RINGO, he told me that he would call me the next day when he had it in his hand. By now, it's March 24 - he was supposed to call me the next day when he had it in his hand he said.

Come now to April 7, the last payroll as I do it every other week.

I talked to Ray this time because RINGO is out of town. I explain my story and that we are now 8 days before deadline and we got nothing.

Ray was great, divulging a little too much information letting me know he saw no order for this to be done and that it should have only taken about 20 minutes!


You are telling me that this guy dicked me around this whole time? My boss talked to Ringo's supervisor and they had it faxed to us at the office the next day.

I just don't get it.

One thing I do know..I need to sign up for an assertive class, or an aggressive class or some kind of class that will help me call people out on their bullshit.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

GLEE = SQUEE for Me!

Who's the new hottie?

I don't know what it is about this completely sucked me in at first sight!
All of the cast is awesome and what's more, all new! There is no "star" to lead and it seems the cast would not be as good without all of them.

I completely love the music and the character the Jane Lynch plays. I'm not sure if I feel a connection to her character because she grew up in my home town of Dolton, IL or just because she is a hard bitch. (not that I could relate to that at all!)

I have been thinking about all the characters since the last season ended and have been waiting for the new season to start since then. Tonight they introduced a new guy - who is supposed to be a senior in high school but looks at least 25. The reality they create would be awesome - who wouldn't love to break out into song and have your own personal band crawl out of the woodwork? Love, love, love this show! If you haven't, please do yourself a favor watch an episode and see if you don't feel the Squee in Glee!

Post-It Tuesday!

It's time for my second addition of Post-It Tuesday Hosted by Supahmommy! I think Tuesday might just become my favorite day of the week..

LASTLY - I have been wanting to thank just won't fit on a Post-It..

To The Lovely Young Lady Working at K-Mart on Saturday:

That look of death you gave me when I lined up to be first at your register in the process of being opened was not necessary. I saw you still had rolls of coins to open, your manager told me you would be opening, and last I knew you were supposed to be...WORKING! Sorry if you don't like your job, I know you would rather be piercing something or putting more eyeliner on but I believe 'Service with a Smile' might have helped you sell the umpteen warantees offered on the gifts I bought.
Good thing you don't work on commission...Me