Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday Shorts

I have been looking for a weekly blog to do such as Freaky Friday, Wordless Wednesday or Manic Monday that wouldn't obligate me to bore you with a lot of content. As I am in my "Tweety Shorts" this fine Saturday since it's supposed to get close to 50 degrees here today, (and yea, I did actually shave my legs) I cleverly came up with Saturday Shorts and here is my Short for you this sunny Saturday:

After her morning bath and dressing herself - can you tell? - all in pink, my daughter out of the blue asks me: "I am pretty funny, aren't I mom?" To which I responded: "You are the funniest girl I know!" I will be here every Saturday in my shorts giving you another short..
Have a great Saturday! Hope it's not too short!


Susan said...

Cute! I like the skirt-and-sweatshirt combo :)

Content is never boring...Can't have a blog without content, right?

Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

Hey, I recognize that necklace LOL!