Friday, March 12, 2010

No Tagalongs

I have both my children in scouts this year and they both seem to really be enjoying it. We try to make all activities and somehow boyscouts makes that a lot easier than girlscouts does. Girlscouts has a policy of "no tagalongs" which means no siblings, especially boys. I understand it to a certain degree being that it is about the girls and made more of a girl thing. This rule makes some girlscout activities for us impossible due to my husband working 3 - 11. I am not about to get a sitter for my son so that I can take my daughter to a Sock Hop - which is what we missed tonight. Then at the events where they do allow boys and I bring my son, I get all the looks like what is he doing here. At the boyscout meeting this past Tuesday, my daughter told me she wished she could be a boyscout instead because they let the whole family come to stuff..


Susan said...

I find this rather interesting, the way in which one group (boy scouts) seems a little more family-friendly than the other (girl scouts)... On the one hand, I recognize the importance of a "girl-only" space, because I think it's valuable for girls to feel as though they aren't always competing with boys for attention and that kind of thing; however, I would think that the women running the girl scouts would have a little more compassion for other moms and accommodate those women who might need to bring their sons (or younger daughters) along so that their daughter/scout can participate. I think the whole concept of women supporting other women (which the girl scouts ostensibly stands for, yes?) should extend to the mothers (and fathers! What if somebody has a single dad and he wants to bring his daughter? Would he be welcome?) in such a way the organization supports girls by welcoming the entire family.

CoffeeLovinMom said...

I am conflicted on this and I feel like if I had two girls it wouldn't be an issue. I completely support the whole girl time..if only my husband worked a 'normal' shift. I guess we will have this problem until we are normal.

Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

You know, I live like 3 blocks away...just sayin'