Monday, March 22, 2010

Meeting the Teacher

SO, not only has my son been struggling with math - which, by the way, I think he is improving on with the help of a multiplication table (1 - 12) and the flashcards we are using and continuing to put in his room - he also "lacks focus" and is becoming more and more forgetful. This with an eight year old you would think is somewhat age appropriate and yet his schoolwork and discipline at school have been suffering.

Last week, I received a note from his teacher stating: "Lately David hasn't been putting forth any effort into his work. It is frustrating beacuse he is bright yet he seems to not even care or try." This I know does not apply only to math as we are having similar problems at home with homework and so I initiated a meeting with the teacher in order to be on the same page.

Son SO not happy about mom meeting with his teacher..

Keep in mind that our school system down here in what I call
'po-dunk' no longer offers your old standby Parent/Teacher conferences. This is new this year and the only real answer provided was that the "New Guy" made the decision. I offered my email to his teacher at the end of October when this problem first surfaced and have had no offer of an email or phone number where she can be reached.

Even the school website does not offer teacher emails.
I thought this information was supposed to be public knowledge.

There has been no correspondence by email, only in his homework notebook which David can read! He is an excellent reader, never lacked in that department and is quite interested to know what his teacher and mom are saying about him. It would seem to me that if I as a parent offer a teacher information such as a phone number or email and a suggestion to let me know if the behavior continues that it would be used appropriately.

Keep in mind also, that his teacher was 8 months pregnant back in October and had maternity leave around Christmas until the beginning of this month which is when these problems began surfacing more prevalently. He was forgetful when the sub was filling in but it was also noted on his last progress report that he was "making progress".

So, she tells me she would love to meet with me and that she is available everyday after school from 2:30 until 3:10 - except for Fridays which of course is my one of two days off during the week. 40 minutes, really? And as soon as school lets out? really, thanks. Thanks A LOT!

I guess this makes sense that a teacher be free after school only what am I supposed to do with my kids? David doesn't even get off the bus until 2:40. You are telling me this teacher doesn't get a break in the middle of the day when the kids are in Gym Class or Music? I mean really, let's do lunch or a coffee-break, I'll bring the coffee!

Being that this is the last week before Spring Break, I made arrangements to have my son picked up from school so I can make this meeting. Wish me luck, I am going in with a GREAT attitude!
I just have to remember to BREATHE!


Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

Personally I think it's all about the teacher. Jake is only in kindergarten (as you know...same school district, different school) but I have been nothing but impressed by their attentiveness to his advanced skills. They recognized it right away and moved him up in some things, even sending him to 2nd grade for reading.

That being said, he is BORED in music and library because it is not challenging enough for him.

Jake's teacher's email is pretty public knowledge, she responds promptly and seems pretty great.

Good luck at the meeting, I'm curious to know what they say about how to address the problems. David is a bright kid, I could tell right off when I met him.

Latté Mama said...

Hi, I saw this post, and being a teacher, of course I had to read it. I can't believe teachers no longer have parent conferences. Seems like a lot of change for your boy, I hope your meeting went well, how did it all turn out?