Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour 2010

So my kids and I take part in Earth Hour, every year now since we've known about it..they are conscious recyclers as well.

This year we toasted with strawberry jello and they drew me pictures.

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We had candles lit for effect - and safety

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They are proud to say they hesitantly gave the earth an hour of rest!
Funny neither one suggested we do this more often..


Susan said...

How does one toast strawberry jello?

Wouldn't it melt, but not in the good, marshmallowy kind of way, but rather in a mess of red, red drippage?

Jackie said...

Hey, just saw this. We participated too. I told my husband that we need to have a quiet evening like that more often. It is amazing how calming it can be. Glad you enjoyed the time with your kiddos.