Friday, March 26, 2010

Attention Deficit Disorder or Anxiety?

This past Tuesday, I had a meeting with my second grader's teacher. He has been having problems in school with organization and math skills. I initiated a discussion about whether or not he has Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD and was given an evaluation to fill out to see if he was at risk.


This evaluation was done by both my husband and I at home and at school by his teacher. She scored him much higher on the scale than we did which put him at high risk for anxiety and impulsivity. This evaluation was then graphed so it was clarified where he was at risk or high risk. (There was also a "normal" range but he was not in that much.)

This evaluation was also done in order to bring to our family doctor to diagnosis him officially which of course I am completely opposed to doing for a couple of main reasons:

1. HE IS IN SECOND GRADE! Really? If an 8 year old is not impulsive I think THAT is a problem.

2. THEY HAD HIM IN AN ACCELERATED MATH GROUP Really? Really?? How is it I was not aware of this fact? HELLO?

Hold on. Just one second here.
No wonder he is all freaked out about doing multiplication tables in second's third grade math!

No wonder he is having problems with other things being stressed out about math and struggling there - seems logical that a snowball effect would happen. HELL, O.

The teacher did ask if I thought it a good idea if he go into a second grade math group for the rest of the year (hey thanks for asking my opinion on that one) and it is really a no-brainer for me. Just telling David this really gave him relief, I could tell on his face when I told him.

So this was the last week he will have multiplication tables and he took the x7 test, which they time for 2.5 minutes for 25 questions..guess what? He aced it! Go figure! We didn't even go over them since Tuesday as I was told he would have no more multiplication being moved into the new group. A.D.D. my A.S.S. - pardon the French!


Susan said...

I have to agree; most 8 year old boys are simply "impulsive" by their very nature. Also, anxiety can be situational: change the situation, alleviate the anxiety.

Sounds like that's exactly what you're doing :)

As a side note, if you were really concerned about ADD (or ADHD) keep in mind that schools throw that term around quite a bit, but only a specialist (generally not a family doctor or pediatrician) would diagnose a serious neurological condition like ADHD. (Trust me. I know!)

I think you'd be aware of it already if your son had a problem with attention deficit disorder; ADD/ADHD would affect all his daily living skills, not just cause him to struggle with math!

Glad to hear you have de-stressed the situation...

CoffeeLovinMom said...

I am hoping that this alleviates the situation. I also, by suggestion of my cousin who is a social worker, had David evaluate himself and he scored himself higher than either the teacher or I did but he related it to math!
I truly think this switch caused a snowball effect with him and the switch back to second grade math will help with his self-esteem which in turn will affect the rest of his schoolwork.

Yesterday after passing his x7 test, he told me last night "I'm really good at math now mom!"

MElba2875 said...

If someone would have given me that test to evaluate Justin in second grade..And he would have scored high risk..I seriuosly would have taken him in to be checked with all the problems he had... BUT I did notice confidence had a lot to do with it..I just wouldn't want to have passed up anything if he needed extra help...I was told if it was only in 1 area not to worry too much but if it is happening in other areas to take a bigger look at the situation..I would just see how he does and talk with the teacher again in a month..If he was that stressed out about math then maybe that was all it was and it affected him in many other ways...BUT remember the teacher is in NO WAY actually able to diagnose him, only a doctor can but the doctor would start out with that same evaluation you had and then evaluate the situation himself..OH AND GET HIS DAMN EYES CHECKED!!!