Tuesday, March 30, 2010

5 Reasons Why I Don't Answer the Phone

For years now, my family and friends have complained that I do not answer my phone. The complaint is completely legitimate - I hate the phone! My family makes sarcastic remarks and laugh about it when they get together when I know in reality it ticks them off which is why I get the business. I have apologized for it numerous times and some people have decided to stop taking it personally. They have either stopped calling altogether, or give me the fake golf clap if I do actually pick up commenting that they expected to leave a message. To those that still take it personally, I will apologize again.. (and again I am sure!) You are not the only one I don't answer my phone for no matter who you are!

You will not hear me say I hate many things, I discourage my kids from using that word whenever I hear it from them. But truly, to loathe this inanimate object with such a deep degree of animosity, there must be something wrong with me. I am frowning just thinking about the next time it rings. I have never had a chatty day where I have to call everone and share my day probably since high school. I really rarely pick it up anymore to answer or dial out. Call me antisocial if you will, no just don't call.

Here are 5 main reasons why I don't answer my phone:

1. I don't stop what I am doing just because the phone rings.
How many times have you complained that every time you sit down to dinner the phone rings?
You know complain about it every time but you still answer.
I ignore it, everyone at the dinner table is aware that it is ringing, my daughter would love to jump up and grab it and occasionally does. I announce that we are eating dinner. I think there is a new generation of people that also don't stop their life to answer the phone. I guarantee that I am doing something better whether it's eating dinner, playing piano, writing this blog, or being outside with my kids. I know you have incredible news to tell me about what you saved shopping for produce or who dissed you this week, and I want to hear about it - really, just when I'm not doing something better. I apologize for offending anyone and not having better phone manners.

2. I do not answer my cell phone while I am driving.
I have, managed to miss turns because I wasn't paying attention and I realize I just need to concentrate on the task of driving at hand as this could prove more potentially hazardous than drunk driving for me. People wait to call me when they know I'm on the way home and I wait till I'm at a redlight and listen the their voicemail. I know people that wait to get in their car to call people, I am (not sure if I should be) proudly not one of those and I apologize for not being a better multitasker.

3. My last couple of jobs have required answering the phone as part of my job.
I have to be nice to whoever calls, it is a requirement for me to answer the phone and I am getting paid to answer each and every call without missing a beat. These calls are short most of the time, have a specific purpose and I can usually solve whatever issue in the matter of minutes that the call is in process. Once I am off this requirement is null and void. I apologize that you could not pay me enough to answer your calls on a regular basis.

4. I get WAY too many telemarker calls
Seriously, I thought I signed up for the Do Not Call List and still, I get at least two calls a week from Life Source wanting my husband's blood, another couple from some other organization wanting something else and that 'occasional' cable or phone lady that want you to switch services. I had a cable lady call, not sure which company she was trying to switch me to, who talked first to my daughter for long enough for her to talk about watching The Cat in the Hat and that they show his butt. She was cracking up by the time I got to the phone and I'm sure went home talking about her funny day at work.

5. I have picked up the phone and nobody is there
How's that for a fine how-do-you-do for my efforts? Since our house phone no longer has caller ID due to us cuttting services, I have answered the phone a couple times this week and had it be nothing on the other end. I apologize for assuming you are that nobody on the other end.

People say, "There's no excuse for not answering the phone."
Yeah well, I really have no excuse, accept the apology or bite me.
Nobody told me the rules. I have no cooth.
Say what you will..
~Insert rasberry here~

Disclaimer: By numerously and endlessly apologizing, this does not mean I will actually make the effort to pick up the phone.


Susan said...

I *never* answer the phone. I don't even have good reasons. I just don't like talking on the phone. It makes me feel awkward.

Last week my mom get bent out of shape because she kept calling the house & I kept responding to her phone messages via email. Heh.

Susan said...

Oh fudge! A typo. I mean she *got* bent out of shape. Oy.

CoffeeLovinMom said...

I am SO glad I am not the only one!
I don't really have a good excuse either..i would email my mom but she never reads hers. Why are parents so old school?

Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

I don't answer the phone all the time either. Everyone thinks I'm nuts that I don't "jump" to answer when it rings.

I hate answering the phone and then getting stuck on it for an hour. I'm busy LOL

CoffeeLovinMom said...

Right..if I see that it's gonna be a talker and I don't have an hour - which who does? - I don't pick it up. Yeah pretty much any reason not to...

call answering service said...

My mum is just the same she rarely answers the phone. I am generally left talking to her answering machine saying "mum, if you're there please pick up the phone". She either picks it up or gets a message with me asking her to pick up the phone, what a drag.

CoffeeLovinMom said...

I guess if I was on the other end waiting for someone to wanswer all the time it might be more of a drag.

Ronni said...

I am soooo with you with #1! I hate when I am visiting with someone and the phone rings and they answer it. It's like "HELLO. I'M RIGHT HERE. THAT PERSON CAN LEAVE A MESSAGE."

Sorry for posting on an old post, but I am kinda sneaking thru some of your archives. ;)