Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just how far does it go?

I say that coffee and I go WAY back and I do mean my grandfather used to dip our pacifiers in coffee (and sometimes beer..) and make us mini cups of coffee when I remember being kneehigh to a grasshopper with our eggs and bacon in the morning after we would stay the night. I'm sure the coffee consisted mostly of cream but I do remember feeling a sense of being distinguished somehow. Coffee has been a consistant part of my life ever since really, I could drink it anytime of the day or night, enjoy all degrees of roasts (particularly European) and often have dreams of when I worked at a Coffee Beanery in the early 90's as a barista and a manager. What an awesome job, we used to have contests who could have the most espresso shots...let's just say I have quite a few coffee made memories!

And now, thanks to my job in Chicago as an office manager, I can say that I have tried coffee in France, Germany and Ireland - true Irish Cream - which is why I say coffee and I go pretty FAR! I would like to continue to try different cafes if I get another chance to go to Europe.

I plan to share my life and my love of coffee with moms, friends and parents who would like to do the same!


Susan said...

You have a blog!! *squee*

Dee said...

My mom let us start drinking coffee when we were in elementary school, can you believe that?? It was mostly milk and sugar but still...! I love a great cup of coffee, latte, whatever, but I cut back to only drinking coffee 4x a week. I found I didn't appreciate it as much anymore when having it on a daily basis. And I only drink 8 oz a day at that! Weird, I know.

CoffeeLovinMom said...

i don't know if i could ever cut back! thanks dee!